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Hi, Could I Possibly have TMS?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Toby2015, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. Toby2015

    Toby2015 Peer Supporter

    I've just joined this forum after coming across researching therapy for tinnitus, it is the first I have heard about TMS. From what I've read I'm wondering if this could be my problem?
    I'll keep this post as brief as possible
    Past history:
    Anxiety and depression from age 18 until 34 ( now 37)
    I beat this through lots of hypo analysis and NLP courses, stopped the anti depressants straight after and had no depression and only slight anxiety now and again. (This has made me a believer in the power of the mind over the body)
    I've had Psoriasis and IBS since my late 20's, both of which have not gone since I beat the anxiety. In fact the last year they have got worse until I restricted my diet, this helped a lot but I still get flare ups. Doctors have diagnosed Hiatas hernia too this year.
    I have also developed Tinnitus this year which has been consistent apart from a reprieve while I was on holiday, I only noticed it very quietly a couple of mornings out of the 3 weeks. It drives me nuts.
    I also suffer with back pain that I've £1000 on chiropractors and osteopaths, it seems to affect me in different areas of my back and shoulders. The doctors have diagnosed Minor degenerative discs in my neck but the pain feels like muscular problems and is also lower down.
    I have sore hands too which are a result of my work (nail tech) these have been bothering me for years bad I've had various surgery and treatments that haven't helped.
    I also have over active bladder that's getting worse.
    I feel like a hypochondriac, if it's not my ears I'm moaning about, it's my back, stomach, skin or bladder. I am at my wits end as I thought after all the therapy I've had this issues would disappear. How can I be free of anxiety attacks and depression but not these problems? Am I still harbouring some past negative emotions?
    I must admit I have had a problem with painkillers too, codeine mostly. I've been prescribed them from the doctors on numerous occasions. I've stopped again but I still pinch a couple at any opportunity. For some reason too, every problem I've had I've always hoped there was a way to fix it with surgery, if I'm honest I think that's because I want to have an excuse to get out of my current responsibilities. Don't know if that's relevant but I want to be as up front as possible.
    Could this be TMS?
    Any help or advice greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for reading.
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  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    I am 85 and first noticed having Tinnitus when I was about 30. I have lived with it without much trouble or concern. I rarely hear the ringing in my ears unless I think about it. Tinnitus is another symptom of TMS and may be caused by anxiety, but the jury is still out on that. If I were you I would try to ignore it and just be comforted by knowing you are not alone in having it. You are in a very large boat. And if you do not experience anxiety attacks, thank the Lord. As for a hernia, I've have three of them over the years. My father and older brother had them, so I suspect hernias run in our family. I do know how I got mine, from lifting my dog or trying to stop it from pulling me off my feet. I love my dog so much, I don't mind the hernias. I have lived with them for years and, as my doctor said, ignore them and get a hernia repaired when you have to go to the hospital for something more serious.
  3. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle


    You sound like you already know it, when you first hear about TMS, it helps if the message resonates and you have that "ah-ha moment", rather then throw the book across the room as Steve Ozanich did, who wound up writing a great TMS book "THE GREAT PAIN DECEPTION"--he did pick it up again and read it.

    The odds on your issues being TMS are 80% if you're a betting woman and that's pretty good. You aren't a hypochodriac because they don't want to get better, but you sound like you definitely are fed up with TMS/psychosomatic symptoms. You are just under a lot of stress and pressure due to the human condition.

    So best thing you can do is read some TMS books and acquire the KNOWLEDGE PENICILLIN. Read one of the Good Doctor's books and perhaps some of the other TMS authors who have all overcome TMS, like Fred Amir's book, "RAPID RECOVERY FROM BACK AND NECK PAIN", who contributes
    Do a search for your "tinnitus" and you'll see that it's also a popular TMS gremlin symptom. There were many threads on it a few years back at the other TMS site TMS HELP FORUM, you can do a "search" there also.

    If you're in the UK there are TMS practitioners like Georgie Oldfield who can help you if you need more assurance then the books offer--but dollars to donuts, from your introductory post : TMS! The boilerplate as always, I'm a tennis player and not a white-coat so get a work-up from a physician (most preferably a TMS one for objectivity) to rule out something serious. You've probably had numerous check-ups and if the docs say they can't find anything--that's your surefire tip off that it's TMS--so jump in anywhere and start doing the stuff you've been avoiding doing out of fear you were damaging--Dr. Sarno says the body is strong!

  4. Toby2015

    Toby2015 Peer Supporter

    Thanks for your replies, it's so nice to find people that understand these annoying, unexplainable problems and can advise from experience. I have been to the doctors and been told there is nothing to be done about the ailments I have apart from physio and being offered drugs, which I refuse to do. I have even been offered anti-depressants for the tinnitus, I nearly told him go stick them where the sun don't shine!
    I will take on board your comments and get some reading done in the meantime. I am no stranger to therapy but I'd like to be knowledgeable on the subject of TMS and see if I can help myself first. I have seen Georgie Oldfield's details and she is within driving distance of me so it could be an option.
    I am grateful to now have support, I think this forum may be my new best friend.
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  5. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    It's great that you're so near a TMS practitioner, they are extremely RARE on the planet. She held a recent TMS conference in London. She also has an e-newsletter.

    If you find that you are having difficulty due to anxiety, it has been shown that small doses of anti-depressants can be useful for short-term aid to help focusing on: "when you feel the pain, think psychological."
  6. Toby2015

    Toby2015 Peer Supporter

    The anxiety is gone now apart from the odd minor attack which I can control myself. The anti depressants were advised for the tinnitus. As I was prescribed them for many years by the doctors with many side effects I am very reluctant to take them again, especially when I'm not depressed anymore. To me they are simply a mask not a resolution, that's were the therapy helped. Doctors are too keen to hand out pills rather than look at other solutions in this country. This is not a criticism of them, merely an observation from my experience in the NHS. Hence the reason I sought private treatment.
    I will sign up for her newsletter thanks
  7. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Toby2015,
    I also think you have TMS, based on your story. But I am not a physician. So anything you are uncertain about, have it checked out to make certain it is not something serious (even though it might feel like it is).

    Just because you have had therapy and understand yourself deeply, this does not resolve TMS. This is reported by Dr. Sarno. You need to combine your insights about yourself with an education about TMS. In other words you need to fit your life, Inner Child, inner pressures into a framework that explains the symptoms from Dr. Sarno's theory.

    We recommend the http://www.tmswiki.org/ppd/Structured_Educational_Program for this part, to educate yourself.

    I say this based on my own experience. I really knew myself from 15 years of very committed psychological inquiry, with very skilled professional assistance. That was one reason when I read Dr. Sarno's work that I thought "This can't be me; I know myself too well to fall prey to this!" But then when I realized I was human like anyone else, and all the Sarno theory could apply to me, my relief began. It began when I read that the therapy experience would not eliminate TMS on its own. So I wanted to make this very clear: years of therapy do not a TMS cure make!

    Good luck and welcome to the Forum and Wiki!

    Andy B.
  8. Toby2015

    Toby2015 Peer Supporter

    This is great to know Andy, thanks.
    I thought maybe I still had unresolved issues but it's good to hear this is not he case with TMS. Thanks for the link, I will read it ASAP.
    Much appreciated ☺️
  9. Toby2015

    Toby2015 Peer Supporter

    Since starting the TMS SEP I have noticed certain things that did not occur to me before. Such as symptoms moving around the body (my back bothers me in three or four areas), stomach pain immediately on thinking about something that made me feel guilty.
    I also started with a terrible cold yesterday, first one in months. Coincidence??
    Whilst sat on the settee watching TV I suddenly started to get neck pain and my overactive bladder went mad, I got my heat pad out and then the pain moved to my hip/buttock, kind of like a trapped nerve feeling. The heat pad didn't help so I turned it off. I said to myself there is no pain which seemed to temporarily relieve it ( unless Imagined it)
    I'm wondering if the cold has lowered my defences a little and that's why some of my symptoms are worse or could it be what a worsening of the symptoms described when the TMS program is begun. I thought it may be too soon for that.
    To update on how I'm getting on with The whole idea of TMS, I would say I firmly believe this is my problem now.
    I've started the journal and I'm journaling on the SEP forum too.
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