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Hi all

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by CMA, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. CMA

    CMA Peer Supporter

    Hi all
    Been a while since I logged in here not because I am all fine but just was dealing with too much. I was browsing the site and thought I saw a tool shared by somebody about logging symptoms and tracking them on a twelve month timeline. I saw it and now cannot find it. If anybody can post the link I would be so grateful.
    Thank you and hope you all are doing good.
  2. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hey CMA, I don't know the post but im glad your here
    how have you been and what cha been up too?
  3. CMA

    CMA Peer Supporter

    Hi Eric
    This year has been rough is all I can say. been through lots of anxiety, allergies, weird pain, insomnia and now this persistent cough for the past 5-6 days (sorry you asked : - )
    Funnily enough i just searched for cough in the forums and came across my own post last year Nov 9th, 2012 when I had the same dry cough that wont go away...BINGO..I will try to ignore it and see what happens, as two meds have not worked in the past 4 days.

    Hope you are well too.
  4. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hey CMA
    Im doing fine- Good to hear from you
    Does sound like a lot you been through
    I remember I used to get a cough every year till the last couple of years

    For me it was like the law of attraction, I was expecting it.
    I stopped expecting it and it went away, now that you have the cough
    You could do some visualizations and see your lungs as beautiful as a peach while in meditation
    Try this for a few days to a week and see how it helps
    Bless you
  5. CMA

    CMA Peer Supporter

    Thank you Eric. I will try that and promise to report back.
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  6. quert

    quert Guest

    That is an interesting idea and I bet it will help, but it's also important to remember that unless you've been told otherwise by a doctor, what you have is most likely just a common cold. It's a viral infection that the average adult contracts 2-3 times per year and the average adult contracts between 6 and 12 times per year. Sometimes, especially if you are under stress, a cold may last a week or two. The process of how stress suppresses the immune system is well understood and involves stress hormones like cortisol and other glucocorticoids. These hormones suppress your immune system when you are under stress because when you are under stress your entire body is preparing for fight or flight. It can't spare the extra energy to fight of a bacterial or viral infection, so it suppresses your immune system. Like your unconscious is doing in TMS, your stress response is actually trying to protect you.

    If you've been having anxiety, insomnia and TMS, then you are probably under a lot of stress and it might take you just a bit longer to heal from a cold. That is completely fine and natural. The best thing that you can do is to stop worrying about the cough. Just ignore it.

    Meditations like the one that Eric described might help if they help you manage your stress. Only you can tell if they are helping with that. Just ask yourself: do I feel more relaxed after meditating? Does it stress me out to have to add meditation to my already busy schedule? If both are true, which effect is stronger? If you find that meditation helps, there are a huge number of studies that say that, by decreasing stress, meditation helps to boost your immune system.

    But, either way, a cough is just a cough. Unless it goes on for several weeks I wouldn't even worry about it. Just go see a doctor if you want to rule out anything serious and then just relax knowing that you are fine. Doing this will help with your anxiety, your insomnia, and all of your other TMS symptoms as well!
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  7. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi CMA,
    I don't know the specific tool you are looking for, but I would advise against logging one's symptoms. I used to do this before I discovered I have TMS. I think the logging of symptoms puts too much focus on the symptoms, and can become obsessive--at least for me it was. I suggest instead using Alan Gordon's techniques of an Evidence Sheet and practicing Outcome Independence. Have you looked at his program here on the wiki? Their use is explained there.
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