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Hey Guys, im new, please read my story and advice me :D

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Mario Martz, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. Mario Martz

    Mario Martz Newcomer

    Hello!! :D
    first of all thanks for reading (english is my second language trying to do my best haha)
    im a 29 year young guy from mexico city ive always been a super
    anxious and it became worse after my mothers death (10 years ago)
    with time the panic attacks ended and i was at peace again.
    but I've always kept my anxious personality.

    my "problem" started last year... while i was in a relationship with a guy (im gay, and in the closet to my family) he was really agressive and we had a loving but stormy relationship...but i was doing my best at work, my relationship and family, i guess i was living ok.

    then all of the sudden i started to experience migraines, hard migraines
    they were really bad and i had never experience them like that before.
    they remain really bad for a week then i started to get medication.

    After a week the migraines were gone, but then i started to
    develop tachycardia (120 bpm) and i had to go emergency
    a few times but doctos didnt seem to find anything bad with my heart,
    they all started to tell me that i need to see a
    psychiatrist and all that stuff,
    but i really feel that i was going to die, and i started to get anxious and scared for a few months, i focus all my attention on that.
    i would go to the doctor and tell him that i was still having tachycardia after eating but they would not give me answears, i wasnt having panic attacks.
    i was just having tachycardia after eating.
    this happend between july 2015 - Jan 2016
    in the mean time i broke up my relationship, and
    develop a urinary tract infection for 3 months also.
    (it was a rollercoaster) but at the mid jan i started eat only vegatables and fruits and my tachycardia and Stomach problems faded.

    i also had a weird neck-back pain when i was stressed about tachycardia

    but I still felt depressed, i dont know why...

    a few days ago in this Month (February) I woke up and had a noise in my left
    ear, and i went to an ETN and he told me i had like a sinus infection, and i was having this sympton called Tinnitus... and to be honest i started to panic again, and its been 7 days and it hasnt faded. im not sure this happend for the sinus infection, because i listen to music loud, i honestly dont know....but im remaining positive, and im not letting anxiety and fear control my life again.
    but obvously the buzzing and hissing is annoying sometimes....

    i also forgot to mention i have had "apnea" along these past months too.... thats means i would woke up during the night sometimes...

    Well... after all this long story haha, the only thing I feel is that
    these "symptoms or diseases"
    are not physical , it is rare that these conditions started out of the blue, some fade but then they turn into something rare and different. its just transforming itself into an annoying big monster , someone could advise me on this?
    do you thinks its TMS related?

    Thank you so much :)
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2016
  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Mario,

    It sounds like many or all of your symptoms could be TMS, based the experiences of others. But I am no physician. If your physicians have ruled out anything serious going on with you, then you might easily be a great candidate for doing Dr. Sarno's work.

    The basic programs offered at the Wiki are Alan Gordon's TMS Recovery Program, and the Structured Education Program. You should do the Recovery Program first, then the SEP. Also, read success stories, read Dr. Sarno's books, etc. I think the recommendation is to do no more than a half an hour to an hour a day of Dr. Sarno's work. Then distract or enjoy, or not think about your symptoms the rest of the time.

    Welcome to a great community, and I hope you ask questions and post responses to the programs I mentioned above, if you do them. They are free at the Wiki link at the top left of this page.

    Good luck in your journey. I could barely walk because of foot pain for over three years, and now I dance barefoot on hardwood floors and ski all day! Dr. Sarno's approach works!


    Andy B
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  3. allinthemind

    allinthemind Peer Supporter

    Hey Mario, I too have had some similar symptoms to yours. When I started teacher training u remember having palpatations it felt like my heart was going to pop and I remember feelings of impending doom, but I'm still here 10 years on. Also have gone thru stages of sleep apnea waking up short of breath. More recent years suffering from neck pain and getting headaches constantly but this past week I have noticed a change the focus on pain has shifted and I have a feeling of depression which 8 hope is a good thing. Surely the depression will pass, keep thinking positive Mario.
  4. Mario Martz

    Mario Martz Newcomer

    Thank you Much Andy!
    i used read the Article...
    Miracles of Mindbody Medicine
    and OH BOY! i even felt so much better just by reading it!
    thank you so much, of course i would do the program
    :) thank you for your advice.
  5. Mario Martz

    Mario Martz Newcomer

    Thank you so much, glad you are doing so much better :)
  6. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Mario. I suspect that your pain comes from your failed gay relationship. I hope you look upon being gay as being as natural as your hair or eye color. Maybe you need to come out about it, but that is up to you. I know other gays who are closeted about it and yet live very happy lives. Some of them never found a gay partner but found very meaningful relationships with straight guys. Sex isn't the main thing. Love is, and that comes in many forms.

    Don't be depressed. Be happy. The next guy you meet will be much more attracted to you if you wear a smile instead of a frown. One sure way to meet someone new who will take to you is to be interested in him. That's a really sexy come-on.
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  7. Mario Martz

    Mario Martz Newcomer

    Thank you so much!
    and yes i think i need to work with my therapist about that failed relationship i had and all that trauma.
    right now i wish to stay alone for a while, while i get back to my health!!
    its feel soo good to have found this community and TMS, its such a blessing.
    thank you for your words Walt.

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