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Have you noticed any positive changes in your life while going through this program?

Discussion in 'Alan Gordon TMS Recovery Program' started by Calum, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. Calum

    Calum Well known member

    I no longer fear my TMS symptoms and I lead a completely unrestricted life, although I'm still in pain the pain is definitely less than it was say 6 months ago. All of this is very positive and I am very grateful for towards the people who made this wiki and to John Sarno. However phycologically I'm still very much the same, there has been no great revalation really about what is causing my TMS, I've got a couple of ideas, that are probably working together. And my personality is very much the same, perhaps I'm a little more calm now and I've cut off a couple of friends who weren't really friends. I suppose that is a good thing. I argue more with my girlfriend and family because I don't let them walk over me so much which again is a good thing with some negative consequences i.e. more arguments!

    I've developed a newish symptom. I get very anxious whilst reading the educational activity for the day. I think this could be my unconcious trying to stop me from finding out more about TMS by making it hard to concentrate on it.
  2. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    It is great that you have reached a point where you are unrestricted in your life. This shows that you are on the right path. Most people do not have a great revelation about the cause of their TMS. Since the cause of our TMS is deeply repressed it can be almost impossible to figure it out, and it is not needed. Simply knowing that your symptoms are caused by repressed emotions is all it takes to recover. You also don't need to change who you are. Yes, you will notice some changes, especially in how you handle your emotions, but you will continue to be who you are.

    It sounds like you are making great progress, and are really getting a handle on what this approach is all about. Keep it up!
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  3. Calum

    Calum Well known member

    Thanks Forest, I'm glad you reiterated that you don't actually need to uncover your repressed emotions to get better. When I read Schbiners blog he goes on alot about how you must uncover your repressed emotions, which is completely opposite to what Sarno says. Also I supposed I fear what may be getting repressed. It could be bloody awful!
  4. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Its about getting back to doing what you want to do in life Calum. Sounds like your already doing that so yea, you will feel a rush of anxiety as your final road to heal before your on the journey.

    The stress and anxiety is tms's last attack, just ignore it and laugh. Move on with life and living, the anxious feeling will leave any day. Don't focus on it, its another trick , just keep doing great
    Cant wait to hear the success story
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  5. nowtimecoach

    nowtimecoach Well known member

    I feel much more freedom knowing and believing that there is nothing wrong with my back. Before when it spasmed I wouldn't try to stretch it or anything for fear that it would make it worse. Now I stretch and dance around like I got monkeys on my back ....which is about what the pain signal is at this point.
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  6. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Man, nowtimecoach you really got things going in a good direction too
    I hope monkeys on your back is a positive signal- it was for me
    Its really great to know we have so many healing now
    I knew It wouldn't be long with the direction and programs we give
    Plus the awesome Dr. Sarno books and Louise Hay- Clare Weekes
    Peter Levine, Steve Ozanich- Dr. Alexander.

    How could you go wrong , if you keep asking and reading and learning we wont let you get lost.
    I know we are about to see an explosion of healing stories just from this site alone.
    Its awesome to have you and Calum as friends here.

    See, when I see friends healing up, I don't just see another healed story.
    I see a success that is about to make a difference in a lot of peoples lives-
    world changers is what you guys are, world changers,
    never hold back from the life you are meant to live
    God bless
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  7. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    This is the exact same thing that I felt as well, and why believing your symptoms are benign is so important. This freedom you feel leads to a direct reduction of the fear and worry that use to dominate your life. When you realize your symptoms are benign, you no longer have to worry about what might happen if. This will allow you to regain your life back. TMS uses fear and doubt to keep you believing you have a serious problem, which prevents you from allowing your emotions to be present. Being active and feeling like you are no longer limited by this condition will play a huge role in helping recover from this condition.
  8. mindfulliving

    mindfulliving Peer Supporter

    Hi eric...im dealing with the last symptom....stress, anxiety and depression. Seems to be the toughest one...and the "think psychologically" method that i used to eliminate my physical pain actually makes the anxiety worse. I am going to start alan gordon's programme today. Going to start it in its structured form thanks to the lovely people on this forum. Hopefully i improve, thank you.
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  9. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    mindfullliving the Alan Gordon program will be awesome for you if your having anxiety and also as a side note I'd check out the Claire Weekes Audios we have here too ok. I'll paste the url here http://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/claire-weekes-audio.2569/

    Her audios should help you a lot, thanks
  10. mindfulliving

    mindfulliving Peer Supporter

    Hi eric those audios were AMAZING!!! All people need is faith ...and claire weekes...really amazing...thank you it truly helped me...wish you a healthy year ahead...sadly i was very anxious during new years time...so getting back to my senses and i'm feeling calmly happy about the new start...tms taught me alot....most of all it taught me about the toxic way of negative thinking that i would always have a habit of performing....i don't know if i'll ever be cured of tms...but i sure am healed and for most of my symptoms (which were physical and accompanied by anxiety)...i manage the anxiety....pain gone
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  11. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Wow, this is awesome mindfulliving Thanks for keeping me up-dated. Is this a success or what. Healed, pain gone. Your about ready for your success story.
    Keep doing the work -- Your doing great, bless you
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  12. mindfulliving

    mindfulliving Peer Supporter

    Thank you sir...bless you and all the other people on this forum as well....i was just wondering if there is any way i can contribute or donate even financially to this forum? Please let me know because there are ALOT of people out there that do not know that they have tms...i have another friend who suffers from pelvic pain that moves to his lower back and glutes...but he never heard of tms until i told him and he seems to be doing much better since managing his anxiety....please do let me know if there is any way aia can help promote this website....for me at least in my case...tms ultimately reveleaed its true self in uts last attack....tms is an axiety disorder at least for me....the pain always was accompanied by anxiety and catrostrophic thinking...and when the pain left...the thinking and intrusive thoughts and axiety shot through the roof...i would love to help raise awareness to those who suffer...but do not know
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  13. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    mindfulliving that is such a nice response from you. Sounds Awesome. If you wish to donate so we can get the word out more and more then you can go to this url and you should be able to get a ring on it from there ok. http://tmswiki.org/donate.html.

    Yes there are many people that just don't know and you would think some folks don't want to know but the truth is they don't even know what there missing so we need to keep educating and letting our friends know that they can be better with these new technologies of wisdom -- its as simple as it sounds ya know. But as in all simplicity comes the labor of getting our friends and family and loved ones educated so they too can experience freedom from their pain and also the anxiety that comes with it.

    I'm Glad your friend is doing much better. That's also a goal of ours is to educate our friends at the Tmswiki enough that when a friend ask about the non- profit community then you will have the know how to explain in some detail what its about and that is how we grow together and help our friends and loved ones and for the future our kids and grand kids.

    I see a vision that within 5 years the Tmswiki.org community will no longer just be the minority but we will be the first place folks come before surgerys and years of psychotherapy to get the facts about the way the mind is run so in effect they can make an educated decision on how they want to pursue with any dis- ease ya know.

    You are on the right rd. Your name mindfulliving has a wonderful sound to it - a great way to think and heal,

    I'm so proud that you can her what we're saying on this my friend. Many good people just like you are feeling the same way.:)

    PS - Don't hesitate to ask if any new questions pop up ok - your doing great.

    Bless You
  14. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    I've experienced several positive changes since going through TMS.

    I no longer worry about what bad might happen. I send affirmations to myself and fight the fears.
    I also put myself in the other person's shoes and see issues from their perspective. It makes me think
    they're not really striking out at me, they're suffering from their own TMS.
    I control my anger better. I don't hold anger long. I laugh it away.

    I also have come to realize I am not the only one dealing with pain, stress, or anxiety.
    We're all in a very large boat, and we are being comforted by each other and getting good
    healing advice.

    I think sunshine more than shadow.

    I'm more grateful for the gifts God has given me. I feel closer to Jesus and God.
    I trust more in them.

    I wasn't such a bad guy before, but because of TMS I think I'd a better, happier guy.
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  15. mindfulliving

    mindfulliving Peer Supporter


    Hi eric...i was doing amazingly well during my marriage....everything went very well....but after marriage the anxiety has returned...but it is less as i'm dealing with it the "claire weekes" way.....it gets tough at times due to the speedy recovery last time...maybe i am expecting too much too soon....

    My question is...apart from just getting on with my life...is there anything else i should be doing ie "journaling"...last time i did not need it to recover....please do let me know what you think sir?
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  16. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Remember everything you did to get better and keep doing it. Make it a part of your life -- second nature. Journaling is very important when you are having depression. You need to talk to someone so just talk in the journal and pour it all out. THen end the journaling with the best feel good memory you can think of ok. Also let me know your current protocol so maybe we can tweak something or add a tool that will help in your development ok. Thanks
  17. Calum

    Calum Well known member

    Hi Mindfulliving, it sounds like you are doing great at dealing with/accomodating your tms. This is just a thought, but maybe you are putting stress on yourself by thinking there should be something else you should be doing in order to recover? Some of the videos I've watched on here indicate that it is possible to try too hard to rid yourself of tms.
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