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Day 1 Giving this a shot

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by mypugelliott, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. mypugelliott

    mypugelliott Newcomer

    Hi all. I am new to this site. So new, I just stumbled across it yesterday in one of my many desperate internet searches for what's bothering me. Here's a short history about me. I developed severe postpartum OCD about 10 years ago after giving birth to my son. It hasn't gone away. In these last 10 years I was diagnosed with OCD, suffering from obsessional thinking. I'm basically a worrier. I worry about any and everything. Be it real or a figment of my imagination. I fear the worst if all situations. I also have TMJ, tinnitus, and most recently frequent urination issues. My dentist can't tell me why I have TMJ, just that I clench too much and maybe it's from stress. I went to have my hearing checked due to the tinnitus, I was told there are no issues with my hearing. Once again, it was probably due to stress. This last week I developed frequent and urgent urinary problems. One day I went to the bathroom and I felt like I had to go again immediately. The problem really scared me and my anxiety spiked. Making the problem worse. So bad I lost 3 nights of sleep worrying about why I kept having the feeling to urinate. I went and got checked 3 different times for a urinary tract infection, all came back negative. My doctor told me I had irritable bladder, probably caused by my anxiety problem. This has really scared me. After reading awful stories on the Internet about people who suffer from urinary issues and suffer from chronic bladder pain, I feel afraid not knowing why this is happening. I get depressed thinking about spending the rest of my life with this problem. I have visions of me having to quit my job, and stay home bound suffering from insomnia, and losing my marriage due to the strain it will have on everything. :( I do believe a lot of my suffering has been brought on by what my mind says. I just don't know how to stop it. Sometimes I can keep the anxiety at bay for a while and live fairly normal but it's always there in background waiting for the next thing to freak me out about.
  2. yb44

    yb44 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi mypugelliott

    Welcome to the wiki forum. It's so fortunate that you stumbled upon the wiki, especially as you have been suffering from various symptoms for so long. Being pregnant and having a baby can be an enormous trigger for many women. There are a few threads about this topic you might want to search out. Just type pregnancy and/or motherhood in the search box at the top. My back pain began in pregnancy and I was convinced it was due to the chairs and my mattress. The doctors told me it would go away after the baby was born. It did and was replaced by postnatal depression which took me about two years to overcome. I had symptoms before all of this and plenty of extra ones after the depression lifted before I learned about TMS and its multitude of equivalents like the ones you mentioned above. Take your time, keep writing about your experiences and asking questions. Everyone on the forum is extremely empathetic and supportive. Weekends can be a bit slow but people will eventually start chiming in. Each week new members check in and start the Structured Education Program so you will be in good company.

    In the meantime you might want to check out this thread which contains some links to recordings by the late psychiatrist Claire Weekes.


    Lastly, Pug Elliott is a real cutie.

  3. Leslie735

    Leslie735 Well known member

    I know we've already talked, but welcome!! You will find lots of friendly people here that are very supportive!! Like I said, I highly recommend Dr. Sarnos "Mind Body Prescription"


    I fully believe what you are dealing with is caused by anxiety/stress, me and you are very similar. Feel free to keep messaging me, I totally understand how you are feeling right now.
  4. mypugelliott

    mypugelliott Newcomer

    Thank you for the kind replies. It makes a huge difference knowing that I'm not alone. Too bad we all couldn't have met under different circumstances, but it is was it is and I have to fully learn to 100% accept what my body is going through right now. I am grateful I came across this site, I am thinking perhaps something greater than myself lead me to it at the right time? It's so strange because I just woke up and I had this thought about something from my past. Something that I haven't thought of in a long time, and not the most pleasant memory. I am wondering if my mind is telling me something here? Anyways, I have a long road ahead of me and making it a goal to finish this program. Once again, thank you for the kind words. :)
  5. Sandrine

    Sandrine New Member

    Hi mypugelliott,

    I can feel with you, it is so vexing with so many symptoms shifting around.

    for calming down your thougts and worries I highly recommend books or videos on youtube from Eckhart Tolle. They helped me a lot to live in the present and to stop worrying about the future. And reading Dr. Sarnos books will help you overcome your various symptoms. Listening to the voice of Alan Gordon in the TMS Recovery Program on this website is also very smoothing! Try to be patient and confident! You don't have to live with these symptoms for the rest of your life :)

    Biggest thanks to Forest for creating and providing this platform!
  6. mypugelliott

    mypugelliott Newcomer

    Thank you for the reply Sandrine. It's nice to know so many people have been helped with the support and program on this website. I just need to take it one day at a time. My symptom is bad but anxiety makes it worse times 20. Thank you for the recommendations too :)
    Wishing you well!

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