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fluids in the knee - can it be TMS?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Elle, Nov 30, 2022.

  1. Elle

    Elle New Member

    I have had TMS for many years, back, knees, stomach, migraine headaches. The first TMS was my back, 20 years ago, and it took over a year till I learned about Dr. Sarno and eventually managed to get rid of it with his wisdom, lectures and books. so by now felt I was now ready to deal with any TMS!
    But then 2 weeks ago, while stretching, my knee locked and popped, and I got into a lot of pain, and then swelling in the knee. My X-ray showed mild 'Osteoarthritis' which scared me to death (scary words like degenerative etc, I thought I will be crippled in a few years!) but then reading back into the books I realized Dr. Sarno talked about arthritis as normal changes to the knee.
    But the swelling and the pain is not going away and I am in so much anxiety and fear, I am trying to talk to my brain, read parts of the Dr. Sarno's book about knees, and thinking psychologically, keep on walking, but it is still there.
    I had my Doctor drain the fluids from the knee but they are coming back now, and the knee is swollen, which freaks me out.
    Can fluids in the knee be TMS?
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    https://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/fluid-in-the-knee.12626/ (fluid in the knee)
    I almost posted this on @Trainert post so I'll just link it in.

    When I was about 7 or 8 years 'cured' from TMS, I had that 'knee locking' thing happen to me. Strangest feeling... not pain.terror! Why won't my knee bend??

    I went to a sports doctor who blamed it on 'fluid on the knee'. However, when I saw the teeny amount of fluid that he sucked out of there (about the volume of 2 or 3 Quarters in a stack) the part of me that knows physics questioned how a wedge that small could completely freeze my knee. Once you read Sarno you start questioning a LOT of the "Medieval Medical Mythology' about structural issues.

    He gave me a cortisone shot and I went on my merry way. However, I began to reflect on what was going on in my personal life when it 'happened'.....OHH. My wife was leaving for a two week trip to china, leaving me alone to be in charge of both of our sons, her collection of cats and housekeeping duties WHILE i got to go to my Job as a construction worker. It was her third or fourth trip that year, and she always got super 'nice' right before she left so she could feel good about her being gone.... Hell, the day before she left I could have told her i was having an affair and she would have been "That's nice...whatever you need honey"

    That sort of FAKE pretending everything is OK is at the heart of TMS. Being a good husband and father I wasn't even remotely angry...and to make sure, I got a nice scary symptom rather than have to think about the pressure, feelings of being abandoned and my general concern that she didn't spend enough time with our sons....

    I didn't know this then...it was repressed. I only got to that thought from lots of writing, reflection, discussion with other men, etc. Not all at once. As it began to dawn on me that I felt neglected, my marriage dissolved. Not in anger.... just "I don't want to be someone else's servant for the rest of my life". So...maybe THAT thought was the one that TMS (the knee was 100% TMS) was protecting me from. I imagine there is always some fluid in your knee but when the symptom appeared it was blamed. Just like most people have back 'anomalies' that are blmed for back pain, I am certain that people have tears and fluid and all kinds of other 'less then perfect' stuff in their joints that gets blamed when the pain comes to keep us distracted from the realm of emotion.

    About the 'swelling' When my knee was bugging I looked at myself and noticed that one of my knees was swollen. However, after the pain was gone, It LOOKS THE SAME. I just have ugly knees from a lifetime of working on them painting, climbing into cubbies and small spaces at work. I think a lot of the 'stuff' our doctors find was always there...we just notice it when we have a symptom
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