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Fear is ruining recovery

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by liamsmith78, May 22, 2014.

  1. liamsmith78

    liamsmith78 Peer Supporter

    Hello, I am new here and want to thank anybody for their time for reading this.

    I have, in the last week, accepted that TMS is the cause or all my problems. I have forearm pain,finger cramps, calf pain, hamstring numbness, back pain (upper and lower), numb shoulders & arms, numb neck, trigger points of pain all over body, and knee pain.

    All these symptoms for two years caused me suffer from depression (which has eased off) and anxiety.

    The anxiety is the causeing me to be fearfull of everything. in the last year my body has gone into shock and caused me to fall and crack my head open, both times and followed by a concussion. now I'm am scared of walking, I try to jog as an experiment and my legs instantly go numb and I fall! I am scared of leaving my house, I can't stNd up sometimes and I get stuck in a chair, I can't go up and downstairs alone (and that takes forever) and when doorbell goes off I get worried and it causes a instant anxiety attack!

    please can someone help. I have excepted it is phycological, I want to get better , I tell my body to not cause pain and imdointhings without giving into the fear . but I can only do so much.

    many thanks,

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  2. Mala

    Mala Well known member

    Liam, welcome to this forum. I presume that you have been checked thoroughly by a physician & had all the necessary tests to rule out anything serious? It's important to do that .


  3. liamsmith78

    liamsmith78 Peer Supporter

    hello Mala,

    yes, I have been teseted over the years for everything I can think of. had blood tests, MRI's , xrays, other scans, nerve tests, constant hospital visits, massages and physiotherapy. Over the last two years I have seen neurologists, chiropractors ansd currently seeing a specialist who look into physiological causes, which I was willing to belive.

    Kind Regards,

  4. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle


    The best resource to address fear and anxiety is Claire Weekes. Here is a link to some audio recordings that many have found useful:


    If you put her name in the search box, you will find many threads on the Forum that discuss her books and methods.

    You will be helped by using her methods. You are in the right place and will receive much support here. We are glad to have you join us. Do not give up hope. You will recover.
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  5. liamsmith78

    liamsmith78 Peer Supporter

    Hello Ellen,

    thank you so much. these recordings have made me look at fear in a new way. I will try her techniques.

    thank you for your reply. I had tears in my eyes from your supportive reply. it a good to see I'm among people who are experiencing this amd have also beat it. hope I do to!

    Mnay Thanks,

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  6. Mala

    Mala Well known member

    Hi Liam . Good to know that u have had everything checked out. So my next questions are why do you believe you have TMS? What have u read on TMS so far? How does what u have read apply to you?

    Sorry for asking so many questions but its important that u start with a solid foundation & understanding of what TMS is and identify sources/emotions/personality traits that may be causing you all this pain & anxiety.

    In the meantime keep following Ellen's excellent advice on listening to Claire Weekes.


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  7. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Modern industrial complex allopathic medicine is excellent at DX'ing anything structurally wrong. It sounds like you've been tested out the ying-yang with NO structural causation for your pain. That leaves you to pursue the TMS path, you have nothing to lose. The odds are in your favor that it's TMS, about 80% of what ails wo/man is TMS, so your odds are good!

  8. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

  9. liamsmith78

    liamsmith78 Peer Supporter

    Hello Mala,

    I spoke with a specialist who asked me to research into physiological "issues" and how the mind can cause these problems I have. I met a person who said she suffered from fibromyalgia and i looked into books which mentioned this. I found the books by Dr Sargo and have read "Healing Back Pain" and "The Mindbody Prescription" and these opened my eyes. I watch videos on youtube of people with the same problems who praise Dr Sargo and i was convinced. I never found anyone with symptoms quite like mine until i looked into TMS.

    I prefer you ask questions :). I have met professionals who want nothing to do with me as they did not know what I have and I felt as I was not listened to and was just pushed aside. Having someone ask me questions to help me further back up my beliefs of this being TMS makes me happy.

    Many Thanks,

    Liam Smith
  10. liamsmith78

    liamsmith78 Peer Supporter

    Thank you for your post. I believe, more than anything that TMS is what I have and I certainly hope the odds are in my favor :).

    I think TMS will help me understand myself more and help me become a better person overall. I always had problems with dealing with emotions etc. I hope this is my key to becoming normal again and dealing with my emotions/anger/stress.

    Many Thanks,

  11. liamsmith78

    liamsmith78 Peer Supporter

    Hi Walt,

    As mentioned above, i have read two books by Dr Sargo and seen success stories and videos of people who described eveything just like me. This following series of videos made me so happy: . He sounds exactly like me! Cant go gym any more, cant run, cant play guitar etc... and brought me to tears knowing i wasn't alone.

    I will watch these videos. Thank you very much!

    Many Thanks,

  12. alexandra

    alexandra Peer Supporter

    I have symilar symptoms, my mom has full blown fibromyalgia and I believe I have a form of it too except a rheumatologist said fibro patients have pain if you press on their bodies which I don't. You could punch me all over and it wouldn't hurt me, I do however have deep burning nerve type pain, pinching, stabbing, tingling etc in back, hips, legs, arms and sometimes face. Neurologist said nerve test is normal, and 3 doctors have suggested emotional issues. I have been making progress by using dr Sarnos methods in the past 2years since it all started after a specific extreemely stressful event. I've had ups and downs but I feel I am healing the more confidence I gain and let go of fear. :) I wish u all the best to you Liam
  13. Mala

    Mala Well known member

    Liam, thx for the responses to my questions. You r lucky that one of your specialists asked u to look into the mind body connection. It also helps that u have read up on Sarno & are willing to believe that there may be an emotional component to your pain. Here is what I suggest u do.

    Go to the TMSwiki main page & read the success stories that are related to u & yr symptoms. This will encourage u & put u in the right frame of mind to start yr recovery.

    Next I suggest u start the Structured Educational Program also on the main page. This SEP has been very well thought thru & will give you the structure you require over a period of 42 days. This very thorough program will give u the tools & techniques you need to get better but u must be consistent & regular about doing the work which will involve reading, writing, journalling, meditating, posting etc.

    As u r doing the SEP, try to get a little bit more active every day.

    I notice that you are from near Manchester? There is a TMS practioner called Georgie Oldfield in I think Yorkshire who has also written a book on the topic. Here is a link to her work
    You may want to consider a consultation with her if u think it will help. It may require u to drive say 2 to 3 hrs? Its another thing to consider.

    A word of caution. There is an abundance of information that is available here which is fantastic but it can sometimes cause too much distraction. I know as I am easily distracted. The people who have succeeded in overcoming their pain are the ones who have
    -accepted the diagnosis of TMS without doubt
    -ignored the pain & thing pychologically
    -have gone out and lived as normal a life of possible without fear.

    Oh & of course do feel free to post & ask questions. You will get a lot of help here from some very good people.

    Good Luck!

  14. liamsmith78

    liamsmith78 Peer Supporter

    Hello Alexandra,

    I am sorry to hear about the pain and fear you and your mother are going through. I have these pressure points. They hurt when I press them in. I find that if i massage the points and tell the pain to stop i.e. my arm pain, the pain goes for a while or at least eases off. I too have burning, and tingling feelings in my arms, lower back & legs . The most pain I get is in my calves. I get cramp-like feelings up and down them and its so painfull. I tense them unknowingly and the pain stays with me 24/7 . the only time i have no pain is within the fist 10 mintues of waking up.

    I know I had pain and weakness for a year, but only after i fell out of a car (while trying to get in) and got concussion, I get a fear of even going down stairs. My fear has evolved to the point that when i try to do simple tasks I get fearful. I have a big step to get into my shower and it takes me and hour to get in. I have to build my confidence up so much.

    I am glad you are seeing improvement and I find that fighting the fear is a major step! I have my brother and Dad here when I try to go beyond my fear. I make movements without thinking and i let the fear embrace me, then it eases off and i find I go can do better movements each-time. I hope you get better! :)
  15. liamsmith78

    liamsmith78 Peer Supporter

    Hi Mala,

    Yes, I am very lucky. I had doctors say its all in my head, gave me some pills, and showed me to the door! But for someone to actually describe and explain these problems to me really helped. My dr is getting me to see a physiologist who understands these probelms and also specializes in people who have had limbs removed but still feel pain where they have no body part i.e. someone who had their hand removed, but still feels pain their. Mind is a powerful tool :).

    I have started reading success story's, they are very inspiring :) . I will look at the SEP page thank you. I have been writing in my journal everyday and its really helping me understand myself. Also meditation I do every other day. I will try anything to make me better!

    I try to be active (and here is a another reason why i think it is psychological), I cannot run, but i can get on an stationary bike and ride for hours if I wanted! but I have limited myself to hardly any movement and exercise as I am scared. I used to be very athletic and strong and was in the best shape of my life 2-3 years ago, but now I am slightly overweight, my muscles have dissipated and my chest has gone flabby. Its hard to look at myself in the mirror now :(.

    My Dad could take me to see someone, he is very interested in what I believe is wrong with me and he has been supportive with everything.

    One question, by "Think Physiologically" what exactly does that mean? Does it mean; accept it physiological or think of think in a different way? I want to understand this more. I see it as not believing the pain and weakness is real, and what I put my mind to, i'll achieve.

    I have already noticed the support and helpfulness of people here and I am happy for that :).

    Many Thanks,

  16. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

  17. liamsmith78

    liamsmith78 Peer Supporter

    Hi Walt,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    I watched these videos and they helped me a lot. I wish I could get access to the rest of his videos :).

    Many thanks,

  18. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

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