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Day 8 (Redux)

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Velvet_Hidden, Jul 24, 2018.

  1. Velvet_Hidden

    Velvet_Hidden Peer Supporter

    Since starting back in the SP last week, I've seen a major improvement physically (no more runny nose or sneezing daily, the phlegm in my throat is going away slowly bit by bit) as I deal with unresolved psychological problems responsible for my inner tension. Since I've began to re-read TMS literature and journal again, I realize a big source of my deeper dark personal tension still needs to address and recognized in order for my body to cease these symptom imperatives it creates. I know this will be a long task but, I'm prepared to tackle it head on. This might sound weird but part of me got tricked again into thinking it was ok just to live with the symptoms TMS brings on as long as I can live and work.... the other part of me feels no, I need to address the tension that is creating the TMS and deal with it to live a better quality of life. Looking ahead I can;t wait to really see where my well being ends up int he next 3 months :)
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  2. AnotherTMSGuy

    AnotherTMSGuy New Member

    Really encouraging seeing you describe your symptoms. I have horrible throat tension/post nasal drip that I've been reluctant to consider TMS. This makes me think that even that could go away.

    I'm still new to this, but I think it is okay to live with the symptoms. As long as you aren't doing so begrudgingly and recognize them for what they are. Anything else (for me anyway) runs the risk of becoming a sort of obsession. The wiki mentions outcome independence somewhere...you might want to check that out. It's this weird paradox where you're more likely to get better once you stop needing to. Obviously we need to keep doing the work, but the pressure to get better can really be counterproductive. If you can somehow strive to get better without worrying about whether or not you do, I think you'll have found the sweet spot.

    Again, though, I'm just as new to this as you are. Just my two cents!

    Happy to hear you're seeing improvements!
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  3. Velvet_Hidden

    Velvet_Hidden Peer Supporter

    Thanks for the encouraging words.... Yeah I notice I am focusing less on my symptoms which makes things a lot better... the only challenging thing is the fact I did the Structured Program last year after reading "Healing Back Pain" several times. I was able to cease my back pain and then shortly after I began dealing with this symptom imperative of allergies effecting my nose/throat..... I'm stilling digging into why internally I'm still have a TMS issue, I have a few things in mind that are making me tense internally....

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