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New Program Day 11: Pain Reprocessing

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Alan Gordon LCSW, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. TrustIt

    TrustIt Well known member

    trust me, we ALL have days like that! today wasn't so great for me either. we just have to keep going...keep telling ourselves that we are ok. i don't know why life gives some of us such challenges, but we are strong. we can find our power if we are relentless and patient. hang in there, sweetheart. i know it's hard now. i know it doesn't look like it will ever change. but it always does. you will get to the other side. much love to you.
  2. kim marie

    kim marie Peer Supporter

    when i feel pain .its every day all day . i need to just watch it and dont be afraid .its really hard . anyone have any tips on ways to do this
  3. kim marie

    kim marie Peer Supporter

    That how I feel I'm having a hard time BEING ABLE to deal with the PAIN for so many years I'm on PAIN MEDICATION that not HELPING much so I'm in contact pain and I hate it and SCARES me .I just hope to keep working at it it's not going to happen overnight like I wish it would. So far watching my PAIN has never gone down yet..my neck SHOULDERS back AND down my SPINE have terrible PAIN my butt LEGS AND FEET terrible burning very hard to IGNORE .its taken over my whole body. I can do ANYTHING I'm house bound in pain and I'm alone my husband was killed in a bad accident in 2016. I'm very THANKFUL FOR this program AND all the other who help us
  4. kim marie

    kim marie Peer Supporter

    ITS so hard to just watch your pain when the pain is constant at a pain of 7 to 10..the fear that it wont go away IM having a hard time but will keep working on it .
  5. kim marie

    kim marie Peer Supporter

  6. sarah2254

    sarah2254 Peer Supporter

    What if we mainly feel pain while typing? Should I be doing this breathing exercise after I finish typing so i can give it my full attention? Or should i be doing the breathing exercise WHILE typing so that my brain can learn to associate typing with "safety'?
  7. braveheart

    braveheart Peer Supporter

    I have dealt with foot and vulvar pain never below a 7 to 9, and that's without standing or sitting. I live alone and at times have felt I needed caregivers, which I can't afford. Pain, that high, consistently puts me on the brink of wanting to end it all. Just my two cents but I believe those of us with pain that high need a TMS Therapist or coach. Someone who can be an advocate, or cheerleader for us, provide human contact and help us gain confidence we will get better. There is a list of TMS counselors on this site. A great place is Alan Gordon's pain psychology center, and of course nearly everyone does Skype or phone. When I was trying to do the TMS work alone I got nowhere. I had too many questions and needed personal guidance. I would recommend counseling or coaching. My pain is still 24/7 but starting to come down just a tad, which is a start!
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  8. kim marie

    kim marie Peer Supporter

    A think a good cry helps at times too :} :} Let it FLOW !!!!!!
    I haven't been on here for along time .I was working hard to get the pain to go way but its stronger then me.my life is so high STRESS. My PAIN got worse after a emergency surgery in FEBRUARY 2019 .the pain center in taking me down on my PAIN MEDICATION BECAUSE they upped it a little it HELPED but I still had pain .so down I go .I was in so pain all these years now they put me through WITHDRAWALS I hurt so bad my whole spin and sick can't eat or sleep. They just leave you out here to SUFFER..Some how I've got to find my way back .I was WORKING though the program and toward the end one of the questions I just couldn't go through it I tried SEVERAL times AND I just couldn't fight anymore I'll have to look and see witch one it was so I can work through it. SORRY so long. It's late hopefully I'll be back thank you ..
    SUFFERING in Montana. Yes Nicole I've been CRYING FOR days and I noticed it I didn't hurt for a few seconds when really CRYING but back it came .its not going to be easy .I was on here got better back in 2014 I was still on pain MEDICATIONS my pain was way down I COULD do things that would of been impossible .I got to find my way back .now I can't walk I hurt so bad..
  9. Dumpty

    Dumpty Newcomer

    Oh my dear ones! I so relate to each and everyone of you. I am extremely new at this too, and sometimes I have no idea what i need to be doing. I have been journaling, meditating and trying to do what Alan suggested, like with attending and watching the pain without expecting it will go away. My nervous system has focused on both of my feet with all kinds of symptoms, numbness, very cold, sharp and shooting pain through my toes, achy....you name it. I have been trying to do more both physically and socially as this experience caused me to feel shame and a ton of negative self talk messages. I an trying to track that, and yes I get so impatient and depressed. Yet I really do believe that this will work. I think it is like learning a new language and learning how to relate to myself differently. I plan to just keep going over all the days once I finish, because the anxiety of having to learn it all now and perfectly just adds to the problem. My heart is with you all, I think we are all in this together.Thank you for your honesty and sharing ,all of you, I know our issues may be different, however, I see and feel all the feelings that you all are.I have to hold in my heart that if this can work for others then it can work for me. Be nice to yourself and loving and kind to yourselves, this is what I keep hearing to do, so that we can let go go the danger “states” and begin to function from a place of safety. I support you all, form the bottom of my heart and from my deepest core. We can recover ,I know that we can. All my best Dumpty
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  10. rbmunkin

    rbmunkin Peer Supporter

    Sounds great for you. Congrats. It seems like this kind of thing works for a lot of people, but sadly not me. What am I doing wrong?
    When I go walking or sit longer than usual, ignoring the pain and telling myself what I'm doing is safe, the pain ALWAYS gets worse. Much worse sometimes.
  11. jonconner

    jonconner Peer Supporter

    Can you give me tips on how to observe the pain and urgency to urinate when the fear is that I will pee myself? Thanks
  12. nele

    nele Peer Supporter

    Hi Christie, I like your posts. They help me to better understand the whole picture. Thank you very much!
    I have a problem with oesophageal reflux beside back pain and IBS. Dr. Sarno wrote in "The Diveded Mind", that oesophageal reflux is also a TMS symptom. I think, all 3 symptoms are TMS.
    The oesophageal reflux has made an inflammation in my throat. It hurts. How can I feel safe with this pain? I fear the inflammation will increase.
    How to deal with this condition?
    (By the way - my back pain has decreased, since I am reading through the program)
  13. Lynn Chapman

    Lynn Chapman Newcomer

    What the body is doing is pairing walking with pain because initially you felt pain when walking so now pain has become associated with this safe activity. Remember what wires together fires together so when you walk your brain is firing the pain message. It has to become uncoupled and that takes time.
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  14. Krmzydn

    Krmzydn Newcomer

    how to apply them for tinnitus and hyperacusis
  15. Carokitty

    Carokitty New Member

    Every time I hear someone say their pain is moving around, I kinda question if I have TMS. Does it have to move around or can it be in the same spot?
  16. Ericagnewman

    Ericagnewman Newcomer

    help!!! Where did the Alan Gordan pain meditation go that used to be here? It was 6:41 reprocessing pain

  17. Chinchu

    Chinchu Newcomer

    Hi Christie,
    Thank you so much for your post. It really helps. This is my first in this forum and I would like to ask you the following: Along this course, it has been talked about the fear to pain (which in my case I have been lately controlling) and I can say that at least I don't fight against it, I just accept it. This is fine for me, in my case what I fear of is other's opinion, criticism, stress (especially at work), judgement... How do we handle this?I mean, I am not afraid of pain but I am afraid that people criticize me, put pressure on me..and I know this will turn out into more pain in the end. My question is should I feel those feelings to let them go?Just I try not to focus on thoughts and patterns that creates me more danger and fear? This second option is what I try mostly, but it is just a matter of seconds between the thought passing by and the reaction to take place (pain in my body, neck, legs, stomach issues...). What should we do in this case?Thank you!
  18. Karen1875

    Karen1875 Newcomer

    Did anyone else find it really difficult to even listen to Libby's session, let alone try it for themselves? It's giving me really useful insights into my relationship with my own pain. I don't feel quite ready to attempt it yet, but I've learned a lot just by realising that. Thank you Alan.
  19. corri d

    corri d New Member

    Hi rbmunkin. A recourse that I find very helpful is the Curable App. They have guided exercises like brain training, writing, meditations, guided somatic tracking and more. It really helped me to begin to understand my neuroplastic pain and start daily practices to rewire my neurons that are creating my pain. I'm still on my healing journey but have found a lot of relief. Another great recourse I found was the book " Tell Me About Your Pain". It really breaks everything down in detail about what neuroplastic pain is and what is happening in our brain and body that is creating the pain. For me understanding that really helped. I hope this helps.

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