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Colds and TMS

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Titus Groan, May 25, 2019.

  1. Titus Groan

    Titus Groan Peer Supporter

    Are colds always TMS? Are they sometimes TMS? How can you tell? And if it is TMS, how do you deal with it? Do you just ignore it and not take medication? Do you power through the day like you're not ill?

    I don't feel like I get colds crazy regularly, but probably a few times a year. Right now I've come down with one and I feel rotten. Really bad timing, because on Monday - Thursday, I'm recording all day everyday and I also have meetings most evenings. Then on Friday I have a really important gig with my band that we are hosting and will be setting up and packing down from morning to night, and then the following day I have two sets at a festival. (FYI, this is an exceptionally busy week and not normal for me).

    I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll feel well enough by Monday, but I'm just wondering if when I come down with this stuff if it's really something I have to submit to, or if I can "fight" back, and what that fighting back looks like.

    If you've not seen my other posts, then a quick background: I recently recovered from 7 years of multiple chronic symptoms. Symptoms 90% gone. Still "easing" myself back into normal life, and still tackling some emotional stuff. Still get "threats" of symptoms, but typically just ignore them and they go.

    Also, possibly relevant: Ever since I had a chest infection around a year and a half/2 years ago, I've had this annoying thing with my throat where there's constantly flem dripping down the back. It's not really noticeable, until throat suddenly feels gunky and I need to cough it out, which doesn't sound very nice and can be a bit embarrassing - I also need to clear my throat out pretty much every morning. Is this TMS? And once again, how exactly do you combat that? Do I ignore it? Refuse to cough up the flem? I don't take anything for it currently.

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