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Chronic Tension Headaches, migraines

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by ghiani3834, Jul 19, 2022.

  1. ghiani3834

    ghiani3834 New Member

    Hi there,
    I already want to apologize for my bad English (I am French, I introduce myself my name is Greg I am 40 years old and I suffer from daily tension headaches and frequent migraines.
    I followed a rather chaotic therapeutic path like many of you, consulted a whole bunch of specialists of all kinds and tried a large number of drugs. Migraine since age 12 and having tension headaches for about 4 years.
    In March 2022, I came across Dr. John Sarno's book (The Best Painkiller is Your Brain) by pure chance, and to my surprise, I recognized myself in it in every way.
    I read it 5 times hoping for a "miracle" cure as some have experienced but it was not the case.
    This body-mind theory seeming to me possible and relevant, I also read Alan Gordon's book (The Way out). This book was fascinating but no real unlocking occurred. I said to myself that I needed help, so I started psychotherapy, but not with an MSD specialist because that doesn't exist in France. I came across the TMS Wiki program by chance in 42 days that I finished today, I never posted but I do now at the end of the program because I feel the need.
    For me this program and especially the exercises were relevant, especially the journaling which allowed me to bring out things of which I was not aware. But once the program is over, I still haven't had the click I expected and I don't really feel better even though I'm regaining a little confidence.
    I'm posting this for testimonials, support, from people who also have chronic, daily tension headaches and are well linked to MSDs, I think I need to hear myself say it. I really believe in the diagnosis of TMS but I'm a little discouraged, tired, depressed, these daily pains are debilitating and I don't know what to do to move forward in my life. I hope to have feedback from this community that seems so benevolent.
    Thanks for reading,
  2. ChronicVince

    ChronicVince Peer Supporter

    Salut Greg,

    Alors comment vas-tu maintenant ?

    Très touchant ton message, et bravo pour la persévérance !
    J'ai souffert longtemps (13 ans) d'un STM, incluant des tensions au niveau des temps, troubles de la vision, nuque douloureuse.
    J'ai réussi à me rétablir à 37 ans enfin, grâce au livre de Sarno et aux programmes d'Alan Gordon et du wiki.
    Et surtout à beaucoup beaucoup d'exercices, de lectures, relectures, prises de notes.

    J'aide quelques personnes par bouche à oreille à en faire de même, quand ils n'y arrivent pas tout seul.
    Par exemple, concernant les migraines, ma mère faisaient des "migraines ophtalmiques"... et c'était en fait également un TMS.
    En simplement restant présent et en lui disant les bons mots à ces côtés "Rassure-toi, c'est juste ce symptôme, c'est une réaction normale suite à un appel stressant avec XXXX, tu n'as rien de grave, tu es en sécurité, tu es juste en colère et apeurée, ressens l'émotion dans ton corps".
    Grâce à ce genre d'aide, elle a maintenant 4 minutes de douleur, au lieu de 4heures dans les mêmes situations !

    Voilà, si tu veux lire d'autres ressources, j'ai créé un mini guide (en beta non relu encore).
    Et si besoin on peut prendre 30min pour s'appeler un de ces jours.

    Prends soin de toi, tu vas y arriver.
    Passé les premiers déclics très encourageants, c'est souvent plus long qu'on l’espérait. ;)
    Tu es sur la bonne voie.

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  3. ghiani3834

    ghiani3834 New Member

    Hello Vincent

    I'm really happy to see your response to my post, it was a bit like throwing a bottle into the sea I admit...
    In the meantime I have advanced especially with a large number of readings but I would really like to read your guide because I am taking any information on the subject ;)
    We can also call each other on occasion with great pleasure to share our respective experiences ;)
    I leave you my email it will be easier!
    See you soon
    [ email address removed by moderator but will send via Private Conversation ]
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