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Chronic Pelvic pain syndrome

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by yatinaggarwal10, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. yatinaggarwal10

    yatinaggarwal10 New Member


    I've been suffering from chronic pelvic pain syndrome for the past couple of years which I feel could be due to TMS. Symptoms include a stinging/burning sensation in the perineum on certain days, while its more of a poking sensation/tightness other days. There is no apparent physical cause and all tests have been normal. Will be great to hear what other people suffering from this have done that has helped them. I've started physiotherapy of late, and was wondering if I should also consider psychotherapy to address the emotional component. Additionally, is there any medication/supplements/treatments that can help suppress the pain on days when it flares up?
  2. Teaneck

    Teaneck Newcomer

    Pelvic pain is very rough -- as I've had it for years and still working on it. Yes, you should see a TMS therapist and you'll need to dig deep into your past and emotions to try determine the underlying causes. Given that your pain is in your pelvic area, you might need to really think about any sexual/ genitil-related issues that you've had over the years and how they might be subconsciously manifesting themselves now.....even if you put the past behind so to speak.

    Drugs don't work in the long run, if you truly have TMS. However, they can provide some temporary relief, especially methadone. I was on painkillers for years and finally give them up because they no longer were efficacious.

    It's a long, hard road, but you need to have confidence that you can get better emotionally, which should lead to physical relief. Good luck, God bless!
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  3. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    @yatinaggarwal10, you don't mention if you've read any of Dr Sarno's books, or if you've started any of our free programs. At the least, you should probably read The Divided Mind, Dr Sarno's last book, and start doing our Structured Educational Program.

    Also, read Success Stories. You can do a keyword search on pelvic pain and choose posts that are in the Success Stories subforum, but really, every one of our success stories is well worth the time to read.
  4. c90danwaiel

    c90danwaiel Peer Supporter

    I had pelvic pain for almost a half of a year (severe to the point that I was driving hours to specialists and was put on several medications), then treated it like it was TMS when it seemed only a mind-body cause made sense.

    I actually can't remember my last flare-up, but I think it was over a year ago. I had a bunch of different symptoms and puzzled doctors who couldn't find anything wrong.

    I got a lot out of Alan Gordon's program, and I'd definitely encourage you to read the success stories on here relating to pelvic pain. My story is spelled out in greater detail, along with others who've had great success.
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  5. yatinaggarwal10

    yatinaggarwal10 New Member

    Thanks a lot everyone for the responses! Really appreciate you sharing your experiences.

    @JanAtheCPA Thanks for letting me know about the success stories. Will go through those. I'm already doing Alan's pain recovery program. Also, I have read Dr. Sarno's book called the Mind Body Prescription. I have a lot of the personality traits described in the book like anxious in general, perfectionist, low self esteem, etc. and I do feel my symptoms are also a manifestation of TMS. I've been following the techniques mentioned in the book like paying attention to emotions, trying to uncover stressful experiences in the past, but haven't found relief yet.

    @Teaneck If you could elaborate a bit on the sexual issues you mentioned. Did you mean related emotional issues or physical issues?
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  6. NameK

    NameK Well known member

    Chronic pelvic pain was how I found out about this fourm thanks to other people on pelvic pain fourms (do not go on them ) it's what made me extremely anxious and depressed for about a month after I got symptoms.

    In hindsight it wasnt my first tms symptoms to come about but my first pshyical symptom but il get into that later

    Febaury 2018 took a bad fall on my tail bone and started having the same lower back pain I had for a month or so in 2016 but that resolved after pshyio.

    The same week I got pain in my left testicle and left lower back. I had this pain for one week in rather 2016 or 2017 and it was gone after that but I guess during that time it came back.

    Oh boy was I an anxious mess trying to figure out what was wrong with me I probably saw 5 or 6 doctors was given 3 or 4 antibiotics I ended up going to pshyio to no avail and eventually I saw a urologist he did 2 tests a ultrasound and a cystoscopy to check for pshyical causes.

    Sure enough nothing was found and told me it was stress related. I found out about this site in june or July of 2018 and I saw the uro in August 2018.

    Once I realized it wasnt pshyical issue I just forgot about it and didnt give it attention but kept eating and drinking whatever and sure enough its pretty well gone at this point. I get the odd symptom once in a blue moon but I know it means I'm just really stressed out and anxious.

    And tbh I would get symptoms of this as young kid and teenager I apparently have a thin urethra sorry so that could sometimes cause it but in the end stress anxiety ultimately is what did.

    My lower back pain is pretty much gone too I get the odd second of pain but again it's not constant anymore. And I believe it will completely go eventually.

    Now if I could only do this with my dry eyes, tight calf , tinnitus and trouble swallowing food at times it takes me over an hour to eat a meal I would be golden. But it takes time
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