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Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Marinedad, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Marinedad

    Marinedad Well known member

    My pain started 8 years ago when I was going threw incrediable stressful time , first started as face numbness ,eye twictching, 1 year of incrediable stomach pain, then bang one morning stomach pain gone and my whole body started burning know mainly from my knees down. numerous test no finding...EXCEPT FOR THE PAIN AND HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. Been on tms bangwagon for 7 years , have tms dr for 6 did all the Alan Gordon things , actually had him as a therpist. (GREATGUY).

    Then switched to a regular therpist ( could not afford it anymore)...regular therpist understood the whole mind body issues. did that for awhile.

    In meantime divorce came, losss of business, loss of everything, its just been a terrible nightmare.. No where elese to go , have a pain clinic appt this week . My soul tells me DONT DO IT but at wit end.
  2. Gusto

    Gusto Peer Supporter

  3. Marinedad

    Marinedad Well known member

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