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New Program Bilateral sciatic pain

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Pietro Carloni, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. Pietro Carloni

    Pietro Carloni Peer Supporter

    Hello TMS world,
    i'm a 41 italian guy, please excuse for my faulty english, but i need help for my problem and i'm working hard to apply TMS therapy to myself.
    I've read "healing back pain" and i've recognise myself in several issues.
    My problems has started during last year, when my wife was pregnant of our 2nd son, she was fired at works, i lost a friend who died in helicopter crush.
    below the story of my disease:
    my story had came out from affection of several disease during the past five years (the age of my first son!) like gastritis, colitis, headaches and a really troublesome plantar fasciitis.
    January 2017: Sciatalgia left side. therapy with injections of muscle relaxant + diclofenac
    March 2017: Operation left inguinal hernia
    April 2017: Start postural trainig
    May 2017: Begin discomfort right leg postural training
    Mid-Jun 2017. From sitting to work I start to feel stinging pain in the buttock and right leg + tingling along the side of the leg and an apparent lack of strength; physician prescribes RX lumbar spine + anti-inflammatory
    End Jun 2017. Pain persists despite pharmacological treatment. physician prescribes magnetic resonance imaging
    July 2017. o Blood + urine analysis. Specialist physiatric visit. Start of the discomfort also in the left leg; Neurosurgeon visit that excludes the possibility of operation and suggests physiotherapy rehabilitation combined with anti-inflammatory drugs
    August 2017 Pain persists after 10 physiotherapy sessions (tecar + laser + tens + back massage) performed every day for two weeks; Orthopedic specialist examination that does not show loss of strength and sensitivity to the leg; as he had seen the resonance he excludes that the situation could depend on a vertebral issue. start therapy 5000 mg B12- 1 injection per week; Second physiatric visit claims to have stressed the part too much, it puts me to rest and suggests the purchase of a bust to wear standing up
    September 2017 o Start trigger point therapy. Results zero. The myofascial massage, particularly painful, would seem to further inflame the part. Mobilizations and Tecar not effective with widespread leg pain after treatment for 48/72h; Start shockwave treatment for plantar fascists that could create postural imbalances. Pain sensations at the foot / calf level up to 48/72 h from the treatment.
    October 2017 2nd orthopedic visit whose diagnosis is: "Sciatic neuralgia on right myofascial syndrome of the piriformis and gluteus medius rotation in the right emipelvi on irritative stimulation emipelvi sx for painful scar with painful ileopsoas. All in postural disturbance. "Recommend RX in orthostasis (which shows a counterclockwise rotation of the pelvis with dysmetria of the right limb of 0.9 cm), orthoses with a rise on the right foot and a physiotherapy cycle.
    November 2017. Start physiotherapy and start walking with the orthotics. December 2017. Wearing orthotics i felt pain in plantar zone (sesamoid) and recrudescence of sciatica to the left side.
    January 2017: Beginning of night pains of ischio crural and calf. Bilateral Sciatalgia. Plantar fasciitis. Sleep problems. When i wake up my legs was painful and stiff. While sitting at work bothering the buttocks and the biceps of the femur. I perform EMG and ENG lower limbs that reveal mild bilateral neurological distress
  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Pietro, and welcome.

    I stopped reading your list of symptoms and treatments after the first one or two, because like almost everyone here, I am not a medical professional - I prepare tax returns! So all that medical language just went right over my head.

    Most of us here have diagnosed ourselves with TMS after seeing medical and health professionals for years, who could not actually find anything wrong.

    If you feel that you've been checked out, and that "they can't find anything wrong", and if you feel that it makes sense to switch to a psychological approach, then you are in the right place, and you are very welcome to our very helpful and supportive community.

    And if that's the case, the first thing you have to do is let go of the list of specific symptoms and treatments! My advice is to refer to your symptoms in the most general way that you possibly can. Just say "foot pain" or "back pain" or "GI symptoms" or "headaches" - and definitely don't ask for advice about specific treatments - because no one here can give that kind of advice!

    Dr. Sarno updated his theories in his last book, The Divided Mind, and then turned the book over to five medical doctors and a therapist, who discuss different aspects of mind-body conditions in six additional chapters, so you might consider reading that book just for a refresher.

    Also go to our Success Stories subforum and start reading! You'll find lots of amazing advice and discussions, and you can do a keyword search in the forum for some of your specific concerns - although in the long run, the way to treat TMS is to think psychologically instead of physically - so the goal is to get to the point where specific symptoms no longer matter.

    Finally, I would recommend that you start doing the free Structured Educational Program, which introduces you to resources and exercises to recover from TMS.

    Good luck!
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  3. Pietro Carloni

    Pietro Carloni Peer Supporter

    Thanks for the reply,
    the list reflects 8 months of anxiety above my symptoms on something wrong on my structure, i've read Healing Back Pain twice in the last week and yes, i recognize myself in every parts of the book.
    in September I've started a psychotherapy treatment and my psychotherapist has always been convinced about the anxious nature of my illness, but I did not want to believe that this could happen to me. yet today I am convinced of all this because I recognize my anxious nature in dealing with the problems of life and more than once my emotions, especially negative ones, have had repercussions on my body (like panic attacks).
    I hope that discovery of TMS will help me in changing my perspective on the issue's life. Awareness is a very good starting point!
    thank you so much!
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