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Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by JohnnyWindtunnel, Sep 19, 2022.

  1. JohnnyWindtunnel

    JohnnyWindtunnel New Member

    So I read this today as part of the required reading for the structured program:

    "I have patients who have been diagnosed with allergies to wheat, pollen etc by blood tests and who then become tolerant to all these things after following the TMS programme. The most obvious sign to me however that allergies are a TMS equivalent was when a lady came to me with severe low back pain (on morphine) and she informed me that she had been suffering from anaphylactic shock for the previous 9 months.

    This is a severe allergic reaction which can result in death unless adrenaline is injected immediately. This lady had been having frequent episodes and had had to give up driving because she didn't know when they would happen. She also had to carry an Epipen with adrenaline in to inject herself, yet no-one had been able to find out why she was having them and what she was allergic to.

    Following her initial assessment at my clinic she never had another anaphylactic shock! She informed me that she had a few minor episodes, but these too resolved within weeks and she went on to become not only pain free but free from any allergies too. “

    I was taken aback, because this would indicate that the recent bee sting that I experieced a severe reaction to is likely TMS as well. he writer discusses severe allergies as related to TMS, including those that can be anaphalactic. This is something defoneitly imprtant to consider, that my stressed out unconscious may be messing with my immune system and that greater acceptance of the diagnosis could relieve this new severe allergic syndrome completely.
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