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Abdo pain, throat burn, pelvic pain

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by mindgames, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. mindgames

    mindgames Newcomer

    So I have struggled with bizarre symptoms most of my life.:(

    Hard to admit.

    This round started with severe abdominal pain, I have had many previous abdominal surgeries for reflux. CT scans all good, nothing found. Pain disappears and moves to pelvic pain, this also resolves and now I have severe throat burn just like before my reflux surgery. It is not typical reflux symptom's and the way this occurred jumping from abdominal pain, to pelvic to throat pain and my level of hyper focus and symptom awareness gives me hope something else is going on.

    However I am also well aware I may have had numerous surgeries for TMS and that a mind game!!!! Still hard to accept.

    However I assume that at the beginning of our journey its normal to worry something medical is being missed and jump from diagnosing myself with LPR reflux (throat symptoms) to TMS. Why am I writing this? I guess
    I want a virtual hug and some hope. We all know this is a pretty scary journey and I am well aware that I am wrapped up. To be honest if it was reflux they can't really do anything else for me and how odd would it be for symptoms to reoccur in this strange pattern after around 12 month of NO reflux symptoms.

    Sorry to rant and help everyone
  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Happy to provide both, @mindgames ! <<:joyful:>> I also encourage you to give YOURSELF a big hug and a lot of love and credit for being here, because it seems to me that you've found the right place. Doing this work takes a leap of faith and a big mind shift.

    Don't beat yourself up over the surgeries. If you start reading Success Stories (in our subforum devoted to success stories!) you'll find many people who have gone the surgery route for all kinds of conditions before finding Dr. Sarno and finally finding the answers they needed to change their lives. This is where you start over and try something completely different.

    If you haven't read one of Dr. Sarno's books yet, do so right away - that's the first step. I recommend his last one, The Divided Mind, with six chapters by other doctors (and one therapist). Then start doing our free Structured Educational Program - it's a simple one-day-at-a-time program that introduces you to different authors, practitioners, practices, exercises, and the stories of people like us. There are some links in the SEP to Alan Gordon's Recovery Program here on the forum, which is a bit more unstructured, which might encourage you to go on to his full program (also free, generously donated by Alan) at some point.

    Find the things that speak to you, and develop your own portfolio of writing, meditating, mindfulness, and inspiration on the path to recovery that works for you.

    And keep us posted! welcomea
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  3. Vladan

    Vladan Peer Supporter

    Sounds alot like me, low back pain > leg pain> pelvic pain > pudendal pain > prostatis / cpps > peri neuropathy >
    I am almost done with all of that crap.
    Live your life without thinking about it.
    Work every day on calming yourself,loving yourself ( find inner peace)
    Do something you like / love
    It will go away.
    I myself had over 20 symptoms in less than 4months without any accident,so anything is possible.
    More like nervous breakdawn because of fear for your health which is working against you.
    Wish you get better soon.
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