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Three Years Of Pain 95% Gone Within Five Days.

Discussion in 'Thank You Dr. Sarno' started by cullensmi, Nov 21, 2021.

  1. cullensmi

    cullensmi Newcomer

    Thank you Dr. Sarno and NYT for introducing him to me. I started to have chronic body pain approximately around Jan 2019 that began with my right leg around the outside of my knee. It was so difficult that I had to completely adjust how I crouched when at work(I cook for a living). The pain persisted until covid-19, I was laid off and it went away briefly...to come back as back pain! The pain radiated everywhere with pain in my feet sometimes. I tried physical therapy, massage therapy, all sorts of books with limited results. The only relief I had was when I briefly visited home for the holidays or when I was very sore from intense exercise. I finally found relief after reading his book and showing my brain WHO controls WHO. No more repressing all these ugly feelings anymore, past and present! I wish Dr. Sarno was alive today so I could thank him personally.

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  2. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

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