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Stressed out...

Discussion in 'Community Off Topic' started by Jakins, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. Jakins

    Jakins Newcomer

    I'm working as a software developer in Toronto.I'm a diabetic patient. So over the last few years, I'm taking continuos medicines to maintain my blood sugar level.
    In my profession stress and late night, works are quite common. I always ensure not to take medicine at least for my anxiety(I used to have anxiety issues due to work pressure). I'm already having quite overmedicated due to my increased blood sugar level!
    And what bothers me now is I'm suffering from a severe headache recently. I afraid it was a migraine, but when I consulted my doc, he confirmed it is not. Even when my pain is unbearable, I'm not ready to take any medicines. I was looking for some alternatives. Last day I found a clinic for chiropractic care here. I've googled about them, their testimonials and site are seem to be genuine. But I thought to seek suggestion from people who have prior experience. My question is-Can chiropractic care can help me to cure this severe headache?
  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Jakins, and Welcome.

    The TMS Forum emphasizes mind-body treatment, finding cause and treatment related to stress, personality, fear of symptoms, etc. Chiropractic care rarely falls in these areas, although a sensitive Chiro may point you in this direction. Likely though, they will not.

    If you want to use "our" method, then you should read Dr. Sarno's books, and consider using one of the free programs at the Wiki. Ours is a mostly "do it yourself approach" although there are physicians and other practitioners listed at the Wiki for assistance. Tension headaches are treatable with this approach.

    It is good to eliminate anything serious medically first, and it sounds like you're doing this with your regular physician.

    Andy B
  3. HughFennell

    HughFennell Newcomer

    I have the same problem. I am working with a computer almost for a whole day. And in the middle of my workday, I am starting to feel a headache, at the end of the day sometimes it becomes very painful. Also, I have some kind of stress and depression.
    In one article I read that meditation can help to deal with such problems. And, I should say, that it helps me a lot. Now, I make a few breaks during the workday, to have a little time to meditate.
  4. Jakins

    Jakins Newcomer

    Thank you, Andy! I'll definitely find time to read that session. Maybe I can join with your team for the free programs, once I relived from work. I'm sorry, I have a tight schedule for the work this month.
    Thanks for your concern and this friendly welcome...
  5. Jakins

    Jakins Newcomer

    Woah...sounds great. My office atmosphere is lil different to allow short breaks in between. Instead, I started to workout. I don't know if it is helpful to reduce my stress and depression.But I feel better now.I started to feel good about my physique..That makes me happy!
  6. wakemeup

    wakemeup New Member

    Glad to know you're making progress!
    My family has many migraine sufferers - but they refuse to see a neurologist. Just put up with the horrible feeling often. I did have horrible migraines after that point but was lucky to have one of the top neurologists who is often an author of many migraine, cluster headache studies, etc. as my doctor who took the simple approach. I do not like being on medications and although it took a lot of effort to journalize each and every day, hour, meal, etc.
    Also, headaches in general have a strong connection to stress levels. That's why workouts may help you to reduce these symptoms. Just don't give up!

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