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My Healing Journey Begins - Anxiety, Tension Headaches, Back Pain

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Purist, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Purist

    Purist Newcomer

    Finished Dr. Sarno's book last week, and was convinced.

    So happy to learn about what I have and to hear about the success stories. I felt excited and hopeful for the first time in years. Started my journaling, and will pace myself towards getting my life back.

    For almost 20 years I've suffered with anxiety/tension headaches. Feels like a rubber band around my head 24/7. I've tried therapy and drugs but it never goes away. But I knew where it came from even before I read Sarno's work. He helped to validate my theory. His impact, and the success stories on YouTube and forums like this one, pointed me to ways to relieve it.

    3 years ago I hurt my back lifting some BBQ equipment in the backyard. I thought I would recover like I had in the past, but the burning tingling pain in my lower back remains, along with pain in my foot. As is typical of TMS, the pain shifts from my left foot to right, and it doesn't worsen when I'm actively running, when you would think the most stress is on the spine.

    What might make my story a bit unique is that the anxiety stems from a faulty Christian belief system in my mind. The tension headaches started when I was introduced to a church that had an enormous pressure on its members. Besides their works (required tithes, required study groups, mandatory services, imposed living arrangements, exclusive salvation qualifications) I was also raised as a perfectionist, and thought I had to regulate sinful thoughts at all moments so that they were perfect before God.

    They also taught that if you weren't part of their church, you were bound to hell. The emotional stress this has caused me cannot even be put into words.

    But, now I'm on the road to recovery. I wanted to share to show are not alone. I look forward to resolving my issues, and to a life without chronic pain. We deserve to be happy. God loves you, and wants you to be anxiety free. It is not a coincidence that we have many TMS resources to help us.

    Anyway, thanks for reading. Keep up the encouraging support for one another. I'm still new at this, but hope to stick around and learn as much as I can to get better.
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  2. BinLA

    BinLA Newcomer

    Hey Purist,

    Glad you're starting your path to being "you" again. We are all at some juncture in that path.

    Fellow anxiety (stress disorder) sufferer here, and what you mentioned about your church was interesting. I don't think I need to explain this to you... as you're probably much furure into Christian understanding than I am, but most Christians don't believe those things. The majority in fact. In fact, growing up in a Catholic family I alaways looked at Christains as being "lucky" that their faith was so much more relaxed, and not as rigid. That left me kind of without a place spiritually, and so Im just a believer now... and I'm just expecting God will help me along towards the right path, without pressure or fear.

    Anyway, I have a few other thoughts on that but maybe best off the board, you can PM me if you want.

    Other than that... keep at it. I love how you wrapped up your post, and that atittude will deliver the life you deserve. We have to exercise maximum patience with this I've found.
    And bumps in the road are inevitable. Best wishes.
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  3. untangledweb

    untangledweb New Member

    Hi Purist,
    With all that pressure in your spiritual life to behave a certain way, it’s amazing you didn’t snap a long time ago. When you’re beliefs are shoved into a box a loaf of bread could fit in, and God is nothing but an endless sea.
    The pressure and the pain of someone else’s beliefs, that if I didn’t believe a certain way I would be damned for all eternity, would cause such a rage in me. When I was able to actually “feel” again.
    My feelings were buried deep in physical pain. Sometimes still are. Be gentle with yourself, this is a journey.
    I have had close relationships with different faiths such as LDS and fundamental Christians. I have no judgment on either. People are happy doing what they’re doing until it doesn’t work for them anymore. Until they see more of what “choice” has to offer.
    Message me if you want to talk more.
    You’re on a healing path now.
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