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Anyone Worked With Bruce Eisendorf?

Discussion in 'Community Off Topic' started by Nyoibo, Mar 26, 2021.

  1. Nyoibo

    Nyoibo New Member

    The nearest doctor to me is in Santa Cruz named Bruce Eisendorf. I was curious if anyone can testify his validity. He is in the wiki list so I assume he's valid but I'd like to hear a success story from one of his patients. Santa Cruz is a long way to go so I'd prefer to not have to drive all the way out there if it's going to be yet another wasted office visit.

    The other question I have is, will this doctor (or any of them for that matter) accept medi-cal (california's version of medicare)?

    Thanks in advance guys. Have a wonderful day.

    Edit - Nevermind it seems he doesn't accept my insurance so I guess that's it.
  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    What makes you think you have to see a TMS practitioner, and especially see one in person? I've read your other thread - you received valuable feedback from people with the same issues, and you state that you've had a scan of the affected area and they didn't find anything. The fact that you still think you need to see another doctor in person tells us your fearful primitive brain is still stuck believing in (and causing you to hope for) a physical cause.

    The above is mostly a rhetorical question by the way - we don't pay attention to medical details or symptom details here because we aren't medical professionals! Our goal is to support anyone who wants to learn how to accept the TMS diagnosis - which for many of us is self-diagnosis.

    The vast majority of individuals (myself included, back in 2011) managed to recover from all kinds of TMS symptoms without seeing a TMS doctor. I had a huge setback last year thanks to the pandemic on top of too many years of dysfunctional world affairs and saying Yes to too many commitments, and I managed to contract RA. After my first rheumatology consultation, I consulted with Dr. Schecter (by video) to ask him if RA was TMS. I really wanted him to say Yes, it absolutely is and you can treat it as such. Unfortunately, his answer was (and it still is, as he said recently at a PPDA presentation) that I can definitely consider the onset of my RA to be stress-based, but now that I have it, I have to be a good patient and do what I'm told. However, he said that I should also make a serious commitment to pursue stress reduction, because remission is not out of the question, as he's seen it plenty of times. He also recommended therapy, and gave me an excellent referral to a TMS therapist, who has been incredibly helpful to help untangle the web of stresses that I have been accumulating.

    Anyone who has been around here for enough time knows that the pandemic and the world situation before the pandemic have together created an epidemic of TMS that only keeps growing. And just as many of us were lucky enough to be finally settled in to our changed lives since the shutdown, now we're thrown into new uncertainty as things are starting to change and new questions are being thrown into the mix.
  3. Nyoibo

    Nyoibo New Member

    No I'm not trying to look for a physical cause at all. I'm trying to talk to a doctor who understands TMS and will give me advice on how to move forward with psychotherapy if that's required. I'm quite convinced I have TMS for several reasons I won't bore you with. I read from the book Mindbody Prescription every day after reading it once through already. It really speaks to me and I've followed the steps in it to try and cure myself with self treatment as you say. However, I've always been very introspective and self analytical and it seems to have not served me yet. To be fair, I am starting to truly accept my pain is a stress and repressed issue but despite meditation and reflections daily the pain has not reduced enough that I can resume daily activities without pain at night.

    I wanted to get a second opinion with a doctor (or a therapist is fine I'm not that picky) that at least accepts TMS so I don't feel like a crazy person asking for them to cure me of something they don't believe in. I don't need to see one in person but I generally communicate better one on one in real life than I do on a webcam or the phone. It just would have been a nice extra step I wanted to take but apparently you and my insurance seem to think I don't need it. I appreciate the response and the message is clear I have to keep reading the book and practicing the steps. I've uncovered many painful memories while meditating on repressed feelings and moments in my life as well as my present stresses but I've been doing that my whole life with little relief and just more anger and frustration.

    Thanks for responding. I hope you get better from your arthritis problems.
  4. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    @Nyoibo, I apologize for being offensive! I assumed that because you wanted to see someone in person that you wanted your symptoms examined by a doctor, but honestly, I recommend going straight to therapy. You will certainly find more opportunities (especially with insurance limitations imposed by medical) if you go virtual. Have you looked into coverage at Alan Gordon's Pain Psychology Center? I'm pretty sure they also have a sliding scale payment program.

    Just don't let your negative brain tell you that virtual therapy isn't good enough - that's your brain on TMS.
  5. Nyoibo

    Nyoibo New Member


    No problem Jan. I must admit I was offended at the time and got touchy probably because of my frustration and pain. You didn't do anything wrong and I apologize for my aggressiveness. I will look into Alan Gordon and other's options.

    I really do wish you well and thanks again for responding and pointing me in the right direction.
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  6. mugwump

    mugwump Well known member

    Be strong, Nyoibo. You can do it!
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  7. W@rrior32

    W@rrior32 New Member

    I haven't heard of that doctor particularly but there's many doctors available you can see and if you look through this forum there's lot's of advice on where to go.

    Good luck with this!

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