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Advice RSI, possibly Thoroic Outlet Syndrome, Pyriformis

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by karikari, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. karikari

    karikari New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm going to try and keep this short, sweet and honest. I guess I'm looking for that quick miracle cure and I haven't even read the book completely....Guess I'm avoiding it because I don't want to believe in TMS way or maybe I doubt it will work. What I do know is that I always seem to be focusing on.something physical....I remember stomach stuff, then pyriformis syndrome and now RSI/Thoriac Outlet Syndrome. I don't want to believe anything is wrong with me....So I dip in and out of the books and forums....But I've come to the conclusion this will always bug me....So I need to tackle this stuff head on now. Literally I'm driving my husband mad with my incessant questions about health. I might as well be a parrot!

    When I was younger (20s)..Life was a breeze....No physical issues....Then one week I was crazy ill with some kind of stomach upset....It really freaked me out....As I'd never had anything happen to me before...I couldn't believe it....It's like I'd suddenly realised I was human. I was scared and fearfull of living and I guess in a way that has always been with me....The fact anything could happen at any time

    Since then I seem to I constantly focus on physical things.....And if I'm not....I'm expecting that something will crop up. At the moment I'm dealing with plantir flantis with RSI/Thoriac Outlet Syndrome. I keep umming and ooing whether I really even have this.....Have I caused this by using the mobile phone too much.... Its a pretty cramped position....I can use it for hours....Not healthy I think. Many forearms ache and pinky and ring finger every now and then. Mostly on right side but sometimes on left as well.I had a neck x-ray....Everything was fine. Physio couldn't find anything wrong....Nothing nerve related...Said it could be RSI or thoracic outlet syndrome....and yet I feel I want to go further and do more tests....It's almost like I want people to find something wrong....Or I'm worried they will....I can't accept there is nothing wrong.

    I think I'm a bit of perfectionist. I definitely hold things in slot....Living with my in-laws was stressful, my dad was abusive and I remember bottling stuff up, my mum is pretty critical and I don't always have the best relationship with her. Sometimes I put myself first over my kids and husband...me and my physical issues....I've got a few grudges that ive got against my sister in law and hubs aunt....It's like they have let go....But I can't properly....I've tried...And thought I've done it....Expecting all the physical stuff to go in a day. Can you tell I'm one of those people that doesn't want any physical issues and a quick solution.

    So my question to you all is what are my next steps....I guess the first one should definitely be read the book. I have the book Steve O wrote and Healing Back Pain by Sarno.

    Never thought I'd be asking for help....But sometimes you need it.

    By the way I have noticed that if one thing goes then another replaces it...The hand thing is winning over the foot thing at the moment..

    Many thanks,

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  2. AC45

    AC45 Well known member

    Hello Kris,

    I was diagnosed with RSI and carpal tunnel. I did physical therapy, had x-rays done, saw an orthopedist. In sheer desperation, I did several google searches and came across RSI / carpal tunnel success stories with Dr. Sarno's methods.

    I read the Divided Mind and followed all of the recommendations. It took about 8-12 weeks but I did recover @ 85%. I had to deal with a lot of anxiety in the process. In the end it was worth it. I kept my job and my hands are mostly fine now.

    Good luck. You have to believe in TMS and really commit to doing the work if you want to see big differences in your pain.

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  3. mkdragonfly

    mkdragonfly New Member

    I'm relatively new to this; I just listened to a dialogue between Alan Gordon and someone about our attention to pain and the feelings we attach to it. I found it helpful.
    Click here to download the mp3
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  4. PainNoMore

    PainNoMore Peer Supporter

    Kris - my story is similar to yours. lots of different issues with the most recent being RSI and the physical therapist i went to thought i had TOS. right after that i started reading The Divided Mind and dove into the TMS regimen. doing much much better, getting close to being cured hallelujah :). personally, i think TOS is bs. it's just like fibromyalgia. they don't know how to cure it so it ends up being "managed". they're both TMS. my advice to you is dive into TMS wholeheartedly.
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  5. MindBodyPT

    MindBodyPT Well known member

    Hi Kris,

    Welcome to the forums! All the syndromes you mention definitely sound like TMS. Plantar fasciitis and RSI are known variants of TMS, and in my opinion as a PT, thoracic outlet syndrome definitely is too! Try not to go into this expecting a miracle cure. For most of us, the process of developing a belief and knowledge of TMS takes time and effort...it is the effort of changing your thought patterns and functioning of your brain. This doesn't happen overnight! Know that if you put in the work, the results will come. But it is a process that takes a lot of reflection and effort. Read Sarno, Steve O, Schubiner, Schecter's books and any others that help solidify your belief. Do the SEP or other program you connect with. Get in touch with yourself and your emotions that drove your TMS. Try to go into this process with an open mind, no specific expectations on timeline and a "non-striving" attitude. Easier said than done! Glad you're here.
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  6. karikari

    karikari New Member


    Thankyou for your advice. You're absolutely right...I'm always aiming for a miracle cure. As you rightly said....Time I knuckles down, quit whining, actually read the books and take a chill pill! Always doubting the doctor and any other health professionals is not a good idea...I tend to almost want to go back so they can find something serious.....its that sentence they say at the end of a consultation whereby they want you to come back if the symptoms continue...To what purpose...More crazy diagnosises and tests I suppose!

    I'm going to accept the diagnosis....and get reading! I'll definitely be back once I've read the book and hopefully started journalling and getting in touch with my emotions and feelings. Sometimes I think just self talking helps and I can solve the problem....But I realise I need to put in the work and as you correctly said do the process with an open mind.

    Thankyou again for the guidance and taking the time to respond. Much appreciated :)

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  7. PainNoMore

    PainNoMore Peer Supporter

    Fantastic Kris. good luck and post your progress.
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  8. karikari

    karikari New Member


    That's good news. I suppose going through ups and downs is part of the process. Definitely going to commit now. Thankyou for responding and giving me the motivation to push forward and start my journey.

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  9. karikari

    karikari New Member


    Thanks for the link. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work.is there another place I could get hold of it? Thankyou

  10. karikari

    karikari New Member

    Will do!


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