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New Program Day 21: Paving Your Own Path
Angel, rest easy for you do not need to play these mindgames with yourself. True and deep healing comes with a generous embrace and acceptance of those ways and means that work for you. To this end healing is fertile, creative and organic...and it includes and involves the body.

Read this post I made a while ago:

http://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/dystonia.14448/#post-97945 (Dystonia)

TRE is a truly beautiful method and if you are drawn to it there may be good reason for that. Always listen to your intuition.

(Quick link to a piece on TRE)

http://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/summit-day-1.18692/#post-99135 (Summit Day 1)

I'd also suggest easing up on notions surrounding the ousting of repressed emotions. While release is a crucial part of healing, it is best served through learning to feel and process your emotions in the moment since it is this funneling down and shutting off that is the actual issue. The more responsive and authentic we become, the less armoured and protected we feel the need to be. This makes us relax to the core of our being. With time this becomes natural and happily the old brain finally gets the message. We are safe. We are loved. All is well.

Plum x