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I have been challenged with chronic pain, DDD, herniated discs, allodynia, sciatica,and fibromyalygia etc for over 6 years. Having been a pretty serious athlete in the past, re-creating my life with some limitations has been difficult. While I have some physical issues which cause pain, I believe that stress also greatly aggravates my health issues.

I have had 6 surgeries, with another possible spinal fusion in the future if things don't improve. I have a neuro-stimulator which helps about 60%. Life on high dose opiods is not an option for me, personally.

Unfortunately, I have been labeled as having a "failed back", whatever that means! I am involved, as much as I am able with my own physical issues, as a volunteer in the pain community. I now want to focus my work on helping people with chronic pain and illness challenges. I am a certified health coach with a focus on wellness. I trained at CTI and completed their year long leadership program.

I have been coaching for over 12 years, previously working mostly with entrepreneurs, managers and business leaders. I strongly believe in integrative, personalized medicine and have studied Integrative Medicine at Duke University. I find the mind body connection fascinating and am keen to learn more.

I am always refining my own wellness plan and am eager to hear more about ways to cope with pain to pass onto my clients and blog followers. My connection in the pain community is what keeps me going every day!