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I am a civil engineer from Spain who lives in Australia. I had a car accident in 2010. I was driving from work to home and a full drive car run into the back of my vehicle. Since then I had back pain. It started on my left thoracic area, next to my spine. It was like that for a year and then my left leg started to hurt. It was like acid running through my veins. I went to a new doctor and he prescribe me Lyrica and cymbalta and other painkilers and sleeping pills. I was very scared and since December 2011 I have been not working. I lost my job and I been throgh a lot of dramas and problems. In April 2012, I went back to Spain to seek for medical advice. The first doctor that I saw was a very well recognized pain doctor who told me that he could not help me. His words were "Everything is in your head". The next day was my 35th birthday and is when my deep depression started. Everyday I have pain. Sometimes in my leg, somentimes in my thoracic back or in my arms. Its moves around. I discovered doctor Sarno in October 2012. I am trully convinced that I have TMS. My left side body is in constant tension. The muscles are tight but only on my left side. It is very bizarre! I am not as social as I used to be and I have lost a lot of frinds because I could not stop talking about my pain. My life is a nightmare and I want to wake up and be happy again!!!