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I'm currently in my 5th and final year of college studying acting/fight choreography. My tms started in Feb. of this year,2013. It started after a weightlifting injury with just tingling at the sight. It then evolved into shoulder and tricep pain in my left arm. That stuck around until memorial day weekend when I pulled my wrist rather dramatically out of anger because it was locking up on me. A day later my muscles in my left arm were tense and I was getting tingling. It went away for about a week and when it came back it was in both of my arms. About the end of June I began getting symptoms of tennis and golfers elbow in both arms. This was followed shortly after by tmj symptoms in both sides of my face accompanied by facial twitches. The doctor explained that because of the widespread pain that I may have MS. I got very worried and for the next two weeks dove head first into researching everything about MS and began creating the symptoms of it and went into a physical and mental tailspin. I went to a neurologist after getting a brain mri and he said that I was fine and sure enough the next day the head symptoms were gone. Mid-July I began getting every tunnel syndrome symptom in both of my arms. I began physical therapy and it began to go away. Just as soon as it did my tennis and golfers elbow came back. A week ago 8-20-13 those symptoms disappeared only to be replaced by medial elbow pain and my ulnar nerves in both arms popping out of their grooves. Since then my faith in my TMS diagnosis has been a little shaken seeing as this is a very physical symptom that I can actually feel and is partially being caused by my medial tricep head pushing it out when I flex my elbows. The only consolation is that everything that I've found on the issue points to either structural issues either acquired or born with or hypertrophy of the triceps. Seeing as my muscles have been in atrophy from not being able to work out, and the fact that I have been fine all the years is helpful by I haven't become fully convinced and it's killing me. This is the only thing standing in my way of making a full recovery.