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I'm male, 39, live in Wales, UK. I'm married (7 years), have 3 kids (16, 14, 4) - two of them are stepdaughters. I teach English as a foreign language at the local college> I also run a small business with my wife from home (2 years) and am designing a product which will hopefully become another business before too long. In a nutshell, my lower back pain started 4 years ago. At the time I thought it was because of vigorous garden work followed by a rare but good skateboarding session; that, and poor muscle tone etc. I saw the doctor, took pain killers and saw a cranial osteopath. In time the pain lessened, but never went away - it would come and go. I got physio treatment and did a bunch of stretches. Nothing really stuck. Recently it has become a lot worse again and I was up one night thinking, "I need to do something about this!" I felt I had been sticking my head in the sand and just hoping it would go away. I found an article about Dr j. Sarno online. As soon as I read it, something clicked. My wife had suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome eight years ago. We tried many things, but in the end it was the bodymind approach (specifically Reverse Therapy) that cured her within weeks. Since reading Healing Back Pain and many posts on TMSwiki, I am certain I have TMS. I tick just about every box. I won't go into the details of the repressed emotions, the current stresses or my personality traits right now. What I will say though is that I am massively relieved that my back is ok! I really appreciate the work done here at TMSwiki and hope to contribute if appropriate. Daniel