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I am a 30 year old secondary school teacher and live in the UK. I have experienced back pain and sciatica a bit in pregnancy but then immediately after the birth of my first baby in May 2012 the pain became severe and debilitating, turing my world upside down. This followed in months of pain (with a new born) which resulted in surgery in October 2012 and alas little improvement in pain. Pain and fear where my daily routines but then nearly 2 months ago I discovered John Sarno's Healing Back Pain and then thankfully found a practitioner in the UK called Georgie Oldfield. I am so grateful for the work of Georgie as TMS or 'Stress Illness' is not very prevalent here in the UK. I have had remarkable improvement and still have someway to go, which is where I hope to find some help and advice on TMS Wiki.