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My name is Nathan i have had lower back pain for 2 1/2 years. Xrays etc show no major problems and have been asked to undergo physio etc with no success obtained.xray said retrolosthesis l5 S1 but osteopath says that nothin thats not to abnormal for my age which is 31. always worrying if it will ever go away and if it will effect my family life once i have kids and supporting my wife etc. feel useless and that makes me angry amd upset most of the time. Pain changes from side to side in the SI joints.Have seen a surgeon ad was told nothing he could do as was told i have sacroillitis. Get very confused at times as been told many different cause which is also upsetting and makes me angry.have stopped my weights training which i used to love and that also affects my self esteem to where i fel weak and vulnerable to any sudden movements etc