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Hi All,

Having rid myself of thoracic and low back pain several times by way of TMS thinking, I now find myself battling upper and thoracic pain after being pain free for 11 years and running, playing racquetball, skiing etc. etc... Went to osteopath to rule out... couldn't really find anything wrong other than thoracic kyphosis.. sent me to chiropractor! I have never really believed in them, but wanted to give it a chance, since I can't seem to rid myself of this pain by TMS thinking as in the past..

Of course the chiro is telling me I have muscle imbalances due to forward head position and rounded shoulders etc.

My question is, does a thoracic curve cause pain? And if so, why was I pain free the other times? I think the curve was still there! There is no arthritis etc. on the xray..

Anybody out there have this kind of experience?