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As a medical professional myself, I was stunned to only come across Dr. Sarno's extraordinary work for the first time this year when I chanced upon Ozanich's book about TMS on I'm glad that Mr. Ozanich included the subtitle "Fautly Medical Advice is Making Us Worse," in his title because that's the only reason I purchased this book--I already own dozens of books on 'treating pain' and wasn't about to waste money on another one. However, I have long been aware of major wrongdoings in medicine, such as the common use of surgery to treat 'knee pain' based on X-ray evidence of 'osteoarthritis,' even though studies performed over 25 years ago proved there was no correlation between osteoarthritis and the presence of pain. Yet surgeons continue to perform these surgeries in spite of the evidence.

I was beginning to doubt my own knowledge because the entire medical community seemed to be oblivious to this research--was I REALLY the only person on earth who knew about that study on osteoarthritis and pain?  So I eagerly purchased Ozanich's book about 'Faulty Medical Advice' and anxiously awaited its arrival just to resolve the matter in my mind.

Little did I expect Mr. Ozanich's book to ALSO teach me that there was a real 'cure' for chronic pain, one that had been going on for 40 long years in NYC--Dr. Sarno's work on TMS. A "CURE" for chronic pain? The very word "cure" is shunned in the medical community because it is well-known that chronic pain cannot be 'cured' with mainstream medicine. Funny thing about that..

I now fully believe in TMS and feel that Dr. Sarno should be nominated and awarded. "Man of the Year" (if not "Man of the Half Century") for his work on TMS. Dr. Sarno work on TMS changed my life. My goal now is to spread the word about Dr. Sarno and TMS.