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Recently attended a three week program designed around Dr. Sarno's Mind Body Prescription I counted at least 36 of the health issues from the left column that I have been diagnosed with over my lifetime, including TMJ, herniated disc, sciatic pain, Chronic Fatigue, CRPS, Fibromialgia, panic attacks, depression and anxiety, to name a few. While attending this program in December, I was able to eliminate all prescription pain medications, 6 mg dose of Xanax daily, Adderall, allergy medication and I also quit smoking. I am currently working to reduce 3 remaining pharmacological medications over the next month and a half. My family says that I am an entirely different person. I was once suicidal due to depression and anxiety. I am off many of the preventative medications, and am quite fine. I plan on seeking a therapist who practices the Mind Body approach, and discontinuing with my Psychiatrist.