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I am a 40 y/o married father of four with a professional job for the past 20 years. I developed leg/back pain seven years ago and MRI showed slight bulge in one area. Everything else seemed pretty normal. At the time of the event, I was just about to get married. The pain was pretty bad for several months and then was pretty chronic for the next seven years. I just had an acute attack which made the pain a lot worse. I feel like it was made worse by my thinking I was having a major back problem and reading all the back horror stories of what I might have and the thought of not working and being in pain for my life. I was pretty stressed out and developed bad anxiety. I discovered Dr. Sarno's book several days ago and totally believe I am suffering from TMS symptoms. I fit the personality description perfectly and had a really rough childhood that I am now trying to come to terms with for the sake of helping with my recovery. This is all new to me, however I am looking for support and help with my journey. I want to defeat this pain in my subconscious. Thank you all.