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Glen Black age 61, retired Postal Worker. I suffered from migraine headaches since college until about 8 years ago. I also suffered a non-structural neck injury in Jan of 87. This was eventually approved as a Worker's Comp injury, even though MD after MD said it was a soft tissue injury and would never be approved. Here it is 25 years later and I sill have daily neck pain. I have been retired 5 years and now have chronic back pain to add to the neck pain. Fortunately, the migraines have gone. I have also been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I've learned to live with the pain I have, but unlearning the pain process would be a great way to continue my life and retirement. As well as learned pain, I have also learned depression, anxiety, to mention a few. I'm careful about the things I do and the way I do them, but always on guard of aggravating the existing conditions. They can certainly ruin a day, a week or a life.