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My first mind body disorder began at the age of 6 when I had such severe leg pain in the morning that I could not go to school but the pain would resolve by the afternoon. I now have right sided upper back and lateral chest wall pain. I thought it was the result of a near fall during climbing but it took a couple of days to start which I now know is illogical but I tried to find a reason for the pain. I have seen two chiropractors, two physical medicine specialist, two physical therapist, one neurosurgeon and most recently an accupuncturist. I have had prolotherapy as well. I have had x-rays which were normal and an MRI with a questionable bulging disc around T9. I have all the classic personality traits and my pain does not behave as it should if it were the result of specific physical condition. I have TMS. After 3 years of looking for relief, I have found the answer I have been looking for.