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Elbe707 Born and educated in Germany. Highschool plus training in mechanical engineering. Emigrated to Canada after completion of education. Personality: Highly responsible, conscientious perfectionist, self driven, ambitious, achieving and controlling. Present status: Retired. Hobby: Playing banjo in a Jazz Band. Issues: Back and leg pain. No significant physical causes as thoroughly investigated. Intermittent back pain episodes started over 30 years ago, increasing in intensity/frequency after retirement 13 years ago. After surgery for blocked bowel one year ago, leg pain joined the back pain. I am well familiar with Dr. Sarnos work and read all his books. I consider myself a typical TMS candidate according to my bahaviours. However the process my brain uses for generating the pain must be different than described by Dr. Sarno since my symptoms are not improved by heat, but rather worsened. I also do not exhibit the tender points / areas described in Sarnos literature. I had an examination by Dr. Schechter in LA, who studied under Sarno. Dr. Schechters diagnonis was unspecific, not confirming TMS. I have worked with the Sarno method for years with little success and also tried unsuccessfully various other methods such as EFT and the Dr. Yuen method. I do not have any doubts or problems accepting that only a TMS like mind body treatment will improve my condition. By joining this forum I hope to find a suitable treatment.