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I am 22 years old and I have been living with TMS for 7 years now. When I was fifteen years old I began experiencing RSI in my arms. I linked these pains with my excessive guitar playing, as my gat playing sessions would constitute the greater part of the day almost everyday. I tried all sorts of things to heal my pain ie changing the postures i used towards all my different activities., feldonkrais (this is actually a really awesome practice but I think I may have been to young for it at the time), heat bags, physio(not helpfull at all!) yoga, weights and the list goes on. In the way of doctors and professionals no one was able to give me a straight answer towards a cure. I continued to beleive my pain was caused through some sort of structural damage caused by muscle overuse, probally irrepairable /lack of co ordination. So i just put up with the pain worked through it and did what I had to do including playing guitar(just not as often as before :( ). Around the age of 16 I began to notice RSI travelling intop my legs everytime I went out for a skate. Although I told my friends that I stopped skating because I broke my tooth off i actually stopped because I didnt want the RSI in my legs and get as bad as what it did in my arms. I loved skating but I knew I had to give it up. Its funny i had been playing guitar and doing skateboarding for years but these symptoms only started to kick in during my mid teens. So during endured the pain. My high school my teachers and my family were very sympathetic towards my condition and helped my out when they could. Slightly off the point but in my 7th form year my class had some type of therapy session were we got to express our emotions. In comparison to the rest of the class I felt fairly emotionless. I was easily able to communicate to them the bad stuff that had happened in my childhood without feeling an inch of sadness...?Anyways once I left high school i got a job as ya do.Soon I got sick of working and decided to go to uni. A like being at high school I decided I just had to endure the pain of rsi if I was to progress through my studies. In my second year of study I started to feel a deep pain in my hips. I linked this pain to karate. I had been practicing karate for about 3 years and because my hips werent as flexible as everyone else i put a large amount of effort into stretching. After going to the doctors i learnt i had a laberal tear in both of my hips due to a hip impingment.So in my third year of study I had to put up with RSI and a laberal tear in both of my hips. This was a bit of a nightmare as I connected bad posture with was I to have good posture when my hips wouldnt allow me to sit up straight well studying!? Anyways some how I managed to finish my degree. After much surfing of the web for cures and solutions I came across the 20/20 video for Dr Sarno's book. As soon as I watched the video I thought that this must be it. I went and ordered his book and found his work to be extremely relevant. It was only recently that I decided to diagnose my hip pain as TMS. This was after joining a new Karate dojo ran by a very inspirational sensei. He told my to overcome my hip injury I have to accept that I don't have one and thats what I have been trying to do ever since. Now I can kick to the head ....still working on those low stances though. I cant help but think that most of the physical disabilities a person suffers from stems from emotional issues. There are so many people I want to share this site with! Thank you so much for the people that have created it as well as those who continue to make it what it is today

Sorry if you find my writing difficult to read its getting late and im ready for bed :P