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In the early 80s, my upper back on the right side would spasm and my right arm would turn pale yellow. This scared me. Fortunately I learned of Dr. Sarno and attended his lectures, which cured me. In the mid80s I went to a different work location for two years and had no problems. As soon as I returned to my original work location, my symptoms returned. I called Dr. Sarno and he reminded me this was TMS and within several days, the symptoms disappeared and never returned. Around the same time, I was diagnosed with CFS; I had a lot of general aches and pains and my memory was "shot". I was convinced it was TMS and once I accepted that and ignored the pain and fatigue, that too disappeared.

Recently I have been experiencing pain in both palms, which (I thought) was exercise induced. However, after several months and some physical therapy, the pain has not yet abated. I am told I have arthritis, which is no doubt true given that I am 66, but it's also occurred to me that the real cause might well be TMS.