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    My pain started at the age of 13 with right heel pain, progressed to include quite a bit of back pain as a 15 year old.  At 16 I began to run cross country and lift weights and this helped with the back pain, but I had to ice down for a couple of hours after practices for ankle,knee and hip pain.  Over the years, I have also had elbow, wrist and hand pain/foot pain in several areas of my feet/neck and shoulder pain/severe groin and testicular pain/and ongoing struggles with depression and anxiety as well as sleep difficulties.  A few years ago I had a fall and suffered a head injury.  The history with this is somewhat complex, but I had another in December 2013.  These have left me with a continual odd visual disturbance (like looking through a very thin sheet of plastic), continual headaches that vary in intensity but don't abate and other headaches that have varied (tension headaches?).  I also have a constant feeling of thick/heavy head that varies but I think is probably always there.  A feeling of wooziness and occasional nausea often accompanies this.  Brain MRI negative, neuropsychological testing negative (or very positive, depending on how you look at it :)).  Apparently some minor disk degeneration potentially from the falls or potentially for PT work done after the falls that resulted in pain not there before the evaluation was performed.  I used to be a social worker when this all started and I hated the job.  Went on to handyman work for family and friends following the first accident, as I felt unable to do anything more structured or intense (a feeling of shame in this, I suppose).  Now I feel potentially disabled and am in a state of terror.  My girlfriend of 11 years just left me due to my preoccupation with my pain and issues.  While very sad, this has allowed me to see emotions of fear and sometimes sadness that are long overdue.  I keep telling myself that something good may come out of this.  When I saw today that chronic headache may be due to TMS I wept for awhile.  I feel the need to have this confirmed by a tms Doc, but hope that I can allow tms work to heal me.