Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body

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by Stephen Conenna, P.E.
Published in 2013, 141 pages


In Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body, author Stephen Conenna describes how he recovered from over 15 years of chronic back pain by using the TMS approach. The book is divided into two parts. The first, Discovering Mindbody Medicine, provides a brief overview of TMS and Dr. Sarno's work. It also contains Stephen's success story and what he did to recover. The second part, Applying Mindbody Medicine, consists of a question and answer format addressing some of the most common themes people new to TMS have. It also includes several exercises and techniques people can use in their own recovery.

Endorsement by Dr. Sarno

"Based on my experience of many years in dealing with back pain what Mr. Conenna has written about this disorder is very much in tune with my concepts of cause and treatment. I recommend this highly." John Sarno, MD, Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, NYU School of Medicine, Author of The Divided Mind: The Epidemic of Mindbody Disorders.

About the Author

Stephen Conenna is a Professional Engineer and graduated from Columbia University. Conenna is a former patient of Dr. Sarno's and Eric Sherman, PsyD. He recovered from over 15 years of chronic back pain by using the TMS approach. After his recovery, he created Dr. Sarno's Alumni Panel, where former patients of Dr. Sarno's told their recovery stories to people new to TMS. He also appeared on Dr. Sarno's Mindbody Prescription Video Treatment Lecture and contributed to the Thank You, Dr. Sarno project.

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Purchasing the book

  • The book can be purchased in paperback and kindle versions from Amazon or from the original printer of the book, McNally Jackson Books.

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