Tips and Tricks for Wiki Editors

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Style Stuff

-Periods almost never go inside parenthesis or brackets (like this). (Exception is when an entire sentence is in the parenthesis or bracket.) Quotation marks are different. All the style manuals say, "Periods, commas, etc., go inside quotes, like this."

-If there is a quote in either a generic box, or within block quotes, then you do not need quotation marks also. Delete them. Reference.

-When quoting someone, put a comma before the quotation marks. e.g., He said, "Since I read...." But...when introduction a large quote, like a block quote or generic box, use a colon. Like this.

Dr. Sopher said:

The only way a keyboard ever hurt anyone was by falling from a great height onto their head.

Note: no quotation marks.Reference.

-Book titles should be in italics. This is done by enclosing it in two aposthrophes. If the book is a link, then the two apostrophes need to go outside of the link brackets. E.g., ''[[The Divided Mind]]''. [Ignore the nowiki tags!]. It should look like this: The Divided Mind