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The Hidden Psychology of Pain was written by James Alexander, PhD, and provides an overview of TMS and the techniques Dr. Alexander uses in treating clients with chronic pain. Published in 2012, the book explores the psychology behind TMS and how Dr. Alexander was able to overcome 18 years of chronic pain by using the TMS approach. Alexander integrates TMS knowledge, self-help techniques, and energy psychology approaches together to help facilitate the recovery from TMS.


In a forum thread, Dr. Alexander introduced his book by writing

Readers may be interested in a book which I have just published titled The Hidden Psychology of Pain. It is based on my personal experiences of 20 years of chronic pain; my use of a psychological approach to overcoming it; and my experiences as a practicing psychologist in sharing these ideas with others in therapy. The book is both an educational tool for health professionals, as well as a self-help book for those suffering chronic pain. It contains discussions on- the cultural understanding (and myths) surrounding chronic pain, and the history of these approaches; real case studies; the latest research based scientific evidence supporting this approach; structured means of implementing the approach; self-healing strategies; discussion of the different approaches to chronic pain, as well as the evidence (or lack there of) regarding their efficacy; the neurobiology of chronic pain; the relationship between psychological trauma and chronic pain; and discussion of the efficacy of different approaches to psychotherapy in regards to chronic pain.

Full Thread Located at The Hidden Psychology of Pain

Book Outline

  • Chapter 1: Psychology & Pain
  • Chapter 2: Physical Perspective on Pain
  • Chapter 3: Bio-Psycho-Social Medicine
  • Chapter 4: Chronic Pain Misunderstood
  • Chapter 5: The Physiology of Chronic Pain
  • Chapter 6: Conscious & Unconscious Factors
  • Chapter 7: The Depths of the Unconscious
  • Chapter 8: Getting Better
  • Chapter 9: Self-Help Strategies
  • Chapter 10: Psychological Trauma & Depression
  • Chapter 11: The Healing Power of Dreams
  • Chapter 12: The Promise of Energy Psychology
  • Chapter 14: Improving Your Sleep
  • Chapter 15: EFT, Anxiety, & Stress
  • Chapter 16: Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing
  • Chapter 17: Mindful Awareness of the Present Moment

Peer Network Reviews

BruceMC wrote:

I'm finding that Dr James Alexander's The Hidden Psychology of Pain (Balboa Press: 2012) is offering me many insights into the origins of my TMS because it's based on his own experience, which is similar to mine, where his TMS originated from an old injury followed by episodes of chronic pain triggered by emotional issues. I particularly like its subtitle too: 'The Use of Understanding to Heal Chronic Pain', which seems to echo and reinforce Dr Sarno's admonition to think 'psychologically'. One thing I really like about this book is that it builds Dr Sarno's theories while integrating them with the latest discoveries in neuroscience. Dr Alexander also gives a whole list of different psychotherapeutic strategies for resolving chronic pain issues, such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Lots of charts and statistics too for the scientific materialist in all of us Westerners. I'm biased of course because since I started reading it, I haven't been able to put it down. The material in this book is really current and up to date. Thanks Dr. Alexander. Full Thread at Best TMS Book

Eric Watson Wrote:

I've been loving the read by Dr. James Alexander. As much as telling how it all works scientifically- its a page turner from front to back with excitement. I even had some great dreams after reading his story of his own turmoil that led to new insights. He really knows how to talk right to the mind. also of his story about football after his comeback. It was exactly the story I saw myself doing in my own life. He truly is a pioneer that has walked the road we've been on. Very informative and hands on with how to everywhere.

Full Thread at Best TMS Book

Purchasing Options

The Hidden Psychology of Pain is available as both an e-book and as a paperback. Purchases can be made on the Hidden Psychology of Pain Website.

About the Author

Dr. James Alexander, PhD has been practicing psychology for over 25 years, 15 of which he has been treating clients with TMS. He is a licensed psychologist in Australia, where he has a private practice, and is an EMDR supervisor. He is also a founding Fellow of the Australian Association of Psychologists.

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