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Information is the penicillin for TMS
- John Sarno, MD

Thank you from the PPD/TMS Peer Network's Leadership Team

Dear Reader,

The road to recovering from chronic pain begins with obtaining information about the true cause of your symptoms. The mission of our organization is simple: to provide individuals with free access to the information that will help them heal. The TMS Wiki was created to describe TMS from the account of TMS Peers. Who knows better what it is like to have TMS, and what to do to overcome it, then the courageous individuals who have recovered.

Your donation allows us to continue to provide free information. In giving, you are helping others become pain free. Your donation pays for:

  • Day-to-day operations: servers, hosting, and bandwidth
  • Development of new programs such as the forum, drop-in chat, discussion groups, and in-person support groups
  • Outreach events, such as our letter writing campaign and the publication of educational brochures

There are many other ways to become involved with our organization. We truly believe that the success of our organization depends entirely upon our volunteers. Posting on our forum, editing the wiki, or volunteering to lead and moderate one of our programs is just as important as donating. For more ways to become involved please visit, How You Can Help

Thank you for contributing to the PPD/TMS Peer Network.

We deeply appreciate your support.

Thank You,

PTPN Leadership Team

For other ways to help out please visit How You Can Help