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Evolving Self Confidence: How to Become Free from Anxiety Disorders and Depression
By Terry Dixon

Amazon.com's main page on the book

Stu, an audience member at one of the TMS Wiki's live success story panels, emailed the following review to HilaryN:

He basically runs through the evolution of anxiety disorders and and believes that everything from OCD to Social Phobia and anorexia etc all develop from the same source, ie from your early years. He then describes how to beat these disorders by suggesting that instead of trying to find the answer to "why do I suffer like this?" that accepting the past (as you said on Wiki its a subjective interpretation of what was was a bad experience) accept that you were made to feel bad and that the problems evolved this way! Interestingly, Like Sarno, he believes that almost all illness and physical "aches and pains" evolve from anxiety and anger.

Amazon.com Customer Reviews

An Amazon Customer said:

Obsessions, fears, depression, anxiety...all almost totally related to the unconscious memories of our past. Although there certainly is a biochemical component this author focuses on our emotional state and its relationship to previous experiences. It has helped me stare those issues in the face and work on the 'now' of my issues.

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