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Smaller Example

Using the template

The best way to embed a video is using a template. The good thing about this template is that it includes a link to a version of the video that is optimized to be more accessible for visitors with disabilities (many thanks to Pranav for showing me this today).

Here's how you use the template:


The "width=" and "height=" lines can be adjusted to change the width and the height of the embedded video. The "ID=gwcPuIuemqg" line tells the software which YouTube video to embed and contains YouTube's ID number for the video. To find it, you can just go to the YouTube page for the video and it's in the URL:


I think that the "v=" in "v=gwcPuIuemqg" says that this is the Video ID number. Make sure not to include the "v=" before the ID or the "&" after the ID when you use the template.

Another way to find the number is to click the "share" button below the video at YouTube.com. In this case, the link to Zipity's video is:


The ID is even clearer on the share link.

Under the Hood

This Template uses the YouTube Widget to extend Mediawiki so that it is able to embed videos.