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[[Find a TMS Doctor or Therapist#{{{AnchorText}}}|Link to {{{PractitionerName}}}]]

What we've learned about how to make this work:

  • Sometimes the contents of a generic box will include a URL that contains an equals sign (equals signs are frequently used in URLs in Amazon and Google maps, for example, and we link to both heavily. These equal signs terribly confuse the template software because they make it think that the equals sign is being used to define a named argument. (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Template#Usage_hints_and_workarounds .) To preempt this, have the contents of the box already be a named argument. Then, having already seen an equals sign, the software will know that the equals signs in URLs don't have a special meaning.
  • Through a complex string of events, we are getting GenericBox...}}
    \n{{GenericBox|Contents= on Find a Doctor or Therapist, which is leading to "pre" boxes between the GenericBoxes, which is crazy. I think that this is because GenericBox inserts a \n at the very end, so I'm backing up the </blockquote> and , so that they immediately abut the |}

Some color codes:

  • #e6f3f7 blue
  • #fffccc pale yellow