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The 20/20 segment is a great resource for any one suffering from chronic pain. It outlines the main theories behind TMS and several methods to help people recover. The most important thing on this page is the video clip, and the page must support the video clip above all else. The wiki strongly encourages users to add content to all pages, and any additions to this page are welcomed. When making an addition or edit, make sure that the video is still near the top of the page and the main focus of the page. There are numerous ways to improve the page and add content to it. Here are a couple of ideas, but feel free to add any content that you can think of.

Several Ideas for the Page

  • A Wiki User's success story on how the 20/20 video help them in learning about TMS
  • Biography information on the Segment's host John Stossel
  • A thread about the how media coverage can help TMS Awareness
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