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This page is attempting to inform users of all media coverage of TMS. This includes information on symptoms and diagnosis of TMS, TMS practitioners, and TMS patients including celebrities and advocates. The page is a great place to put information concerning any articles or interviews that discuss any one of these topics. The goal for the page is to have it be the major source for all TMS media related information. We want to have an entry for every media mention of TMS, including articles, interviews,and news segments. Also, we want an entry for all celebrities who had TMS and have a summary of their success story, along with any information about their TMS advocacy.

Basic Format

There should be a standard format of the page. The heading for each entry should consist of the magazine or news source for the article or story. For example the heading for Claudia Kalb's article is "Newsweek", not Claudia Kalb. If the entry is a celebrity, such as Howard Stern, then their name will suffice as a heading. The entry itself should consist of a brief overview of the person, as well as a description of the text and how it relates to TMS. If the entry is about a celebrity who has recovered from TMS, the entry should include a brief summary of their battle with chronic pain, and how they came to learn about TMS. Also, if there is any information about a celebrity's advocacy for TMS that should also be included.

Making an Anchor

Each entry should have an entry in the table of contents at the top that links to the anchor for their entry. The anchor should be their name. The anchor html entry should look like, <a name="kalb">Newsweek</a>. In this example, "kalb" is the anchor and "Newsweek" is what is visible on the page. It is important to make the anchor all lowercase. For more information on making an anchor there is a summary on the process under the "Find a Doctor or Therapist" About page. Here is the link to the page. If you are wanting to find out what the anchor is just click on a link and you can see the anchor in the browser.

Also, sometimes when websites install anchors to pages they also have a "back to the top" tab imbedded throughout the page. Since this page is currently not very long any "back to the top" links are not necessary.