TMS Pocket Guide, by Steven Ray Ozanich

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By Steve Ozanich, 2015,
I often get emails from people who are desperate. They can't read, or think, or eat, etc., some are suicidal. They want something, anything to cling to. So I had to create something quick and to the heart that would calm them and get them through until they can read the material. Some are heading away to new jobs or areas and they need a sense of comfort. So the TMS pocketbook is really a soothing emotional blanket that gets to the heart of the problem without the details. The wording is important, and the order.

I am strong and healthy

I am trying harder than I need to… I’m okay

My ego is hiding my rage and fear from me, and from everyone around me, because I’m ashamed

I am experiencing in my body what I refuse to feel in my heart, and to accept in my mind

What I am repressing will not hurt me, it will free me… I will embrace it; it is a part of me and everyone else

Millions of people have healed from what I now feel… so will I

My pain is my fear and rage… a memory that I won’t admit to

I am already healed… there is nothing to heal

I am excited to become physically active again… free and happy

I am not afraid of pain… I am not afraid to feel

I can do anything I want to do without worry

Unpleasant sensation does not mean I am damaging my body

My brain is protecting me from feeling heightened anxiety

I am breathing from my belly… my body falls heavy at all times

I cross the threshold of fear with curiosity and hope

I will not overreact… I invite peace to enter me

Light will soothe me, soften and guide me

I will be aware of how I feel… then, I will free it

I am angry at someone that I feel hurt me… but I’m only hurting myself

I forgive myself for blocking love… I open myself to be loved