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TMS Audiobooks on CD

TMS Audiobooks at, a subsidiary of, offers Dr. Sarno's three most well known books. Audible audiobooks are downloadable and playable on most iPhones, iPods, Android phones, and many other smart phones and MP3 players.

Book Duration Link
Healing Back Pain 3 hrs and 23 mins link Narrated by Dr. Sarno
The Mindbody Prescription 7 hrs and 9 mins link
The Divided Mind 6 hrs and 23 mins link

Kindle Text to Speech

Most recently published books are also available as Amazon Kindle ebooks. If you have an Amazon Kindle device, it can probably read these books to you in a computerized voice. However, if you use Kindle on a PC, iphone, ipad or Android device, it probably doesn't include this capability, so check your individual device. The books are read in a computerized voice and it can be inconvenient to carry around a full Kindle device, but for some, using Text-to-Speech on a Kindle this may be an option.

You can find out whether an individual Kindle book can be used with Text-to-Speech by looking at the "Product Details" section of the full Amazon web page for the Kindle book. If it says, "Text-to-Speech: Enabled" then a device such as a "Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Touch, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle (2nd generation) or Kindle DX should be able to read it in a computerized voice.