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There are several widgets that this wiki uses to add functionality to the site. A widget is simply a snippet of code that allows us to embed something from another site to this site. Currently we have the capability of using the following widgets.

  • AddThis Social Bookmarks: This widget creates a toolbar that can be inserted into a wiki page. The toolbar allows people to comment on an article to a social media site such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and StumbleUpon. This is a particularly useful device in helping the wiki reach out to more people.
  • BoxDotNetFolder: is a website that allows people to upload files and share them. It also allows people to share folders which contain multiple files. The wiki currently uses to store an archive of the Healthy Mind Radio show.
  • BoxDotNetFile: This is very similar to the BoxDotNetFolder in that it allows people to embed a file which is stored on the website. This is a great widget to use when you want to embed a song or a single file.
  • FacebookLikeBox: This widget creates a live feed to the PTPN's Facebook wall, which allows people to view all of the updates and wall posts the PTPN makes on Facebook on our website. It also allows people to "Like" the TMS Wiki and the PTPN. This is a great at reaching out to more people and helping the wiki grow.
  • GoogleBooks: Google has an online bookstore called Google Books. Some of the books on this site have a partial preview or can be viewed in their entireity. This widget allows us to embed a preview or entire book onto a wiki page. This is particularly beneficial for the Books & DVDs, etc section.
  • GoogleForms: The TMS Wiki has a mailing list called TW Design which sends out wiki announcements and allows people to discuss various wiki issues. This widget allows us to add a form to the site where people can sign up for the TW Design mailing list.
  • GoogleViewer: The internet is filled with a wide variety of pdf files. The GoogleViewer widget will allow us to embed pdf files which are online onto a wiki page.
  • Picasa Photo Album: This is a photo album folder which will allow the wiki to add photo slide shows to the site.
  • SurveyMonkey: One of the best ways to improve a site is to ask people what they think. The SurveyMonkey widget will allow us to create a variety of surveys that we can embed on the site and allow us to receive feedback from our visitors.
  • Twitter Search Box: There are twitter mentions about John Sarno and TMS almost everyday. The TwitterSearch widget will allow us to stay up to date on what people are saying about Dr. Sarno and TMS by adding a small twitter feedbox on the site. The box will be set to display only those tweets about John Sarno and TMS.

AddThis Social Bookmarks

To include the above in a page, just paste the following text in to the wikitext of the page. Nothing needs to be changed. Even Forest doesn't know how it works. :-)

|brand=My Wiki
|options=favorites, email, digg, delicious, more


To use this widget to embed a folder simply add the following code to the wiki page. The only change you will need to make is to the code following "widget_hash=". The code following widget_hash is the identifier for the folder. You can find the id code for any folder or file by selecting the embed file option on the website.



Error in widget BoxDotNetFile

Using this widget is very similar to using the BoxDotNetFolder Widget. The only difference is that the file id code is placed after "id=" instead of "widget_hash=". To embed a file simply copy and paste the following code into a wiki page and replace "aloyg6up...." with the id code of your file


Facebook Like Box

To add the Facebook Like button to any page simply copy and paste the following code on any wiki page. Since this code was created specifically for the wiki there is no need to make any changes to it.


Google Books

This widget will allow you to embed a book from Google Books into a wiki page. Each Google Book has a unique id code which can be found by clicking the "embed" option on its Google Book page. The id code for the book, Waking the Tiger is 3Y2t1oQEmcoC . To embed a different book simply change the code "3Y2t1oQEmcoC" with the id code of the book you want to add, and then copy and paste the entire code into the page. For tech geeks: the size of the widget can be adjusted by changing the "height=750" and "width=450"


Mailing List Generation Form using Google Forms

The following code is for a widget that allows people to sign up for the wiki's mailing list. For the most part the code should stay the same, therefore to use this widget simply copy and paste the code below into a wiki page. For tech geeks: the width and height can be changed by adjusting "width=760" and "height=400". The size measurements are in pixels. "Formkey" refers to a Google Docs form that collects data for the wiki's mailing list. Since it connects this form to the mailing list it should not be changed.


PDF Viewer

This widget allows people to view pdf files that are online. To embed a pdf file onto a wiki page simply place the following code into a wiki page and replace "" with the url of the file you wish to embed. Before you embed a file please keep in mind Copyright Laws. Original articles should only be added when the author has given permission for it to be on this site or when if it has been published under a Creative Commons License.


Picasa Photo Album

You can use this widget to embed a photo album that is located on Picasa by adjusting "user=" and "album=". Advanced users can also change the size of the album by adjusting "width=300" and "height=200" (keep in mind that these sizes are in pixels). "Captions=" is an option that allows you to add text to the slide show. "Autoplay=" allows for a continuous cycle of photos and "interval=" is the speed at which the slide show changes photos. The code for this widget is:


Surveys by Survey Monkey

This widget contains a set list of questions. The only option that can be changed is size of the survey which can be adjusted by changing the width and height options. "sm=" refers to a file at Survey Monkey where this particular survey was created. To use this widget simply enter the following code into a wiki page.


Twitter Search Box

To use the TwitterSearch widget simply add the following code into a wiki page. The current code is set to bring up any tweets which mention John Sarno. To have it search for a different keyword simply adjust "query=" to something different (This should be something related to TMS/PPD). If you change the search terms you may need to change the caption as well. Since this widget is designed to only bring up tweets about TMS and John Sarno it is advised that no changes be made to the code.

|query=John Sarno
|caption=Tweets about TMS